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Millwood Bootility Room
by Rosewood Luxury Developments

Millwood Bootility Room

by Rosewood Luxury Developments

Shortlisted: Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Rosewood Luxury Developments

Rosewood Luxury Developments unveils an exceptional boot room project, seamlessly integrating practicality with elegance, aimed at complementing an active family lifestyle. This bespoke space, referred to as the ‘Bootility’ room, serves a dual purpose – functioning as an area to handle muddy boots, coats, and pets while offering additional storage and functionality that seamlessly integrates with the main family kitchen.

One of the standout features is the discreet entrance concealed within the kitchen cabinetry, strategically positioned for easy access through a large glazed side door. The bespoke cabinetry design is not only aesthetically pleasing, featuring antique brass accessories, but also focuses on simplicity, offering clever storage solutions that blend both beauty and practicality.

The room is intelligently segmented into distinct zones, housing a workstation equipped with a sink, facilitating the overflow of dishes from the primary kitchen, alongside a spacious seating area ideal for removing muddy shoes and wet coats. Integrated appliances like a dishwasher, washing machine, and tumble dryer optimize functionality. Additionally, strategically designed shelving caters to various storage needs, accommodating everything from dried food and glass jars to larger cooking appliances like cake mixers.

Reflecting the traditional aesthetics of the historic Millwood estate, the Bootility Room boasts large cornices, framed wooden hand-painted cabinetry, and brick flooring. This alignment with the property’s historical context extends to the team’s meticulous craftsmanship. Highly skilled master carpenters and joiners meticulously crafted the bespoke cabinetry, later hand-painted by specialist decorators to achieve a flawless finish. The unique handmade brick flooring, laid and grouted by expert tilers, adds to the room’s charm, while the handcrafted plaster coving bears testimony to the team’s commitment to detail and excellence.

Rosewood Luxury Developments
Rosewood Luxury Developments

Rosewood Luxury Developments has elegantly merged practicality and sophistication in the Bootility Room, crafting a space that seamlessly integrates into the historic essence of the Millwood estate while catering to the modern demands of a busy family lifestyle.

Location: Buckinghamshire, UK

Interior Designer: Paul Spooner & Scarlett Vincent

Developer: Rosewood Luxury Developments

Associated: Paul Alexander Kitchens

Photography: Simon Kay

Rosewood Luxury Developments has been shortlisted for the Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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