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by Royal Thai


by Royal Thai

Shortlisted: Flooring

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

Royal Thai epitomises luxury and craftsmanship in the aviation industry with its collection, Runway. These hand-tufted carpets are meticulously crafted by master artisans, drawing inspiration from the essence of yarn—the most basic textile fiber. With decades of expertise steeped in tradition, Royal Thai has been manufacturing carpets since 1967, ensuring unparalleled quality and elegance from shearing to the final loom.

What sets Royal Thai apart is its unwavering commitment to human creativity and effort. Unlike relying on automated processes, the Runway collection is a testament to the skill and dedication required to produce some of the world’s most luxurious items. Crafted with layers and textures, these carpets are layered with New Zealand Wool and Silk, creating a complex yet incredibly soft and luxurious underfoot experience. The inherent simplicity of the Runway collection, coupled with its neutral color palette, ensures versatility, enhancing any private or luxurious flying experience while extending the carpet’s life cycle with ease of coordination.

Beyond excellence in design, Royal Thai is dedicated to environmental sustainability. From prevention at the source to solar-powered production facilities, the company integrates eco-friendly practices across its supply chain. Zero waste to landfill processes and self-sustainable water supply and treatment initiatives further underscore their commitment to environmental preservation. Through hybrid technology in dyeing processes and machines, Royal Thai not only saves water, energy, and chemicals but also produces vibrant colours that epitomise luxury.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Royal Thai’s approach, with a diverse team of artisans and designers lending their unique perspectives to create custom carpet designs exclusive to the brand. From Aviation and Yacht carpet designer Ann Cole to graphic designers and carpet architects, each individual contributes a level of specialty and artisan skills to produce collections such as Runway. However, it’s the relentless pursuit of perfection and the years of training and dedication of Royal Thai’s carpet designers and factory that truly set the brand apart, ensuring every journey becomes an experience where comfort meets sophistication, and style takes flight.

Photographer: Matthew Mendenhall

Royal Thai have been shortlisted for Flooring Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

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