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Austin Estate
by Ryan Street Architects

Austin Estate

by Ryan Street Architects

Shortlisted: Living Space - Global Awards

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Over four years, a client enlisted the expertise of renowned local creatives, including Ryan Street Architects, to bring to life a magnificent 15,800-square-foot estate with meticulously planned grounds that offer sweeping views of the Colorado River and surrounding hills. Designed as a secluded, resort-style sanctuary, the home evokes a Mediterranean villa from the Amalfi Coast but with a distinctly modern edge. The collaborative effort focused on harmonizing contrasts, blending formal and casual elements, and integrating old and new, creating a warm, inviting residence suitable for both cherished family moments and elegant entertaining.

Two esteemed interior design firms collaborated on the interiors, ensuring cohesion through complementary colors, forms, and finishes that honored the client’s vision. Each space, from the library and formal salon to the lounge, sunroom, and private screening room, possesses a unique identity and purpose. Fine art, bespoke furnishings, and unexpected accents create inviting groupings throughout the home, ensuring even the grandest rooms feature cozy, welcoming corners.

While the design embraces a global, eclectic style, it is grounded in the client’s desire to utilize local Texas artisans, craftspeople, and resources. Every detail, from limestone and door hinges to leaded glass windows and intricate metal handrails, was carefully considered and predominantly crafted by local hands. This commitment to local artisanship is evident in features like handcrafted European-inspired parquet flooring and hand-carved doors, embodying the timelessness of a European estate while celebrating Texas talent and natural beauty.

Despite the home’s majestic scale, main entertaining spaces with 24-foot ceilings remain intimate and inviting. As one moves through the house, ceilings lower, creating a sense of intimacy in each room.

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Architects: Ryan Street and John Burgess

Interior Designer: Fern Santini & Butter Lutz Interiors

Construction: Escobedo Group

Photography: Douglas Friedman

Ryan Street Architects has been shortlisted for the Living Space – Global Awards in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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