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With an established reputation for luxury minimalism and British design excellence, it felt natural for Samuel Heath to partner with Rachel Usher Interior Design, a multi-award-winning interior design practice creating interiors in the UK and Los Angeles.

Samuel Heath visited Rachel’s South Yorkshire studio to celebrate two hundred years of manufacturing prowess and through photography and film captured an interior designers’ initial exploration of Samuel Heath’s One Hundred collection enabling the early development of bathroom design concepts.

‘The One Hundred Collection is our most exclusive collection yet. The handle styles on offer plus the option of dual finishes and crystal allow for bespoke tailoring of the brassware. Our local craftsmanship really radiates from the fittings, from the meticulous design details to the indulgent experience of using them. As a company which is built upon British design talent, we have been inspired and excited by Rachel Usher and her team. The photography captures Rachel’s thoughtful approach and allows you to envisage how our One Hundred Collection can be interpreted within a range of transformative bathroom design concepts.” – Martyn Whieldon

Rachel’s six mood board looks using hardware accessories from the One Hundred Collection, explore her bathroom design philosophy to nurture confident, relaxing and restorative spa-like environments within which to bathe and rejuvenate.

 Taking a considered approach to the experience of private wellness allows for luxury spa-like experiences to be created within our own homes. Carefully choosing a perfectly balanced palette of finishes with high quality accessories achieves this desired outcome. Samuel Heath’s One Hundred Collection harnesses the refined qualities of British craftmanship, a brassware collection which is aesthetically refined, and designed to be objects of absolute beauty in their own right.’ – Rachel Usher

 Here Rachel shares her expert bathroom design ‘how to’ concepts, featuring different metal finishes and designs from the One Hundred Collection 

 ‘Bathing is a ritualistic and restorative experience, and perhaps our only opportunity within a  day to re-connect mind with body.  We have understood for centuries that water is a cornerstone of wellness and the experience of bathing should be cherished and appreciated, as a moment where we take precious time to slow down, stop and rejuvenate’  – Rachel Usher

Minimalist Bathroom

When designing a minimalist bathroom simplicity and serenity is curated through the celebration of shape and form, by the deliberate inclusion of breathing space and a neutral balanced palette.  We would tend to specify fewer materials and look towards specialist finishes such as  a polished plaster and seamless integration of basins and shower screens.

One Hundred Collection Product: T1000 thermostatic shower valve. Finish: Polished Nickel

Samuel Heath
Samuel Heath

Luxury Bathroom

A luxury bathroom harnesses the opulence of materiality, a focus upon detailing and high-end finishes such as brass and marble will create a spa like experience. Carefully selected brassware, cabinetry and  lighting will elevate the space and provide a timeless and classic feel.

One Hundred Collection Product: T10K14 3 hole basin filler with Clear Crystal Roundels. Finish: Chrome Plate

Calming Bathroom

Bathing is ritualistic in nature, and an opportunity to restore mind and body, by specifying materials most commonly found in the natural environment and creating a palette of natural hues, whilst playing to the wellness experience that water offers, will help create a feeling of purity and restfulness.

One Hundred Collection Product: T10K14 3 hole basin filler with Luxe levers. Finish: Antique Gold

Samuel Heath
Samuel Heath

Children’s & Family Bathroom

Children’s bathrooms or en-suites, have an opportunity to be more playful. With a vast range of available colours and materials within contemporary basin & accessory design, these rooms can be fun yet remain sophisticated.  Making children’s bathrooms feel unique and carefully tailored towards the needs of small people such as the inclusion of low level storage and steps make these rooms both practical and fun to use.

One Hundred Collection Product: T1001 thermostatic shower valve with Wing Lever. Finish: Brushed Gold Matt & City Bronze

Contemporary Bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is the perfect middle ground between minimalist and luxury, with the specification of interesting materials such as ribbed shower screens and aged brassware, these rooms can surprise and also remain relevant to most tastes.  Considered storage helps to keep bathrooms clutter free, integrated and wall hung sanitary ware will add to the feeling of space and elevated design. Subtle washes of light will give an elegant ambience to these rooms.

One Hundred Collection Product: T1001 thermostatic shower valve with Wing Lever. Finish: Matt Black Chrome

Samuel Heath
Samuel Heath

Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms require the most creativity in terms of functionality. Approaching these spaces with wall mounted brassware, basins and a WC and a wet room floor will aid the design to feel more spacious. Taking the opportunity to include a smoked mirror in shower recesses and smaller scale tile for wall detailing will ensure that the space does not feel cramped and overlooked.

One Hundred Collection Product: T10K17 wall mounted basin filler with Clear Crystal Roundels. Finish: Brushed Gold Matt

The One Hundred Collection

Epitomising the understated elegance associated with products that turn simple tasks into luxurious experiences, the collection of taps, showers and accessories are designed with understated style and sense of refinement that is synonymous with cutting-edge engineering.

Luxe and Wing lever options exhibit tasteful purity of form, with up to 11 interchangeable roundel finish combinations including City Bronze, Brushed Gold, Matt and Stainless Steel.

Each features meticulously knurled escutcheon detailing at the base, creating a tactile effect that demands to be used. Clear or gloss black crystal insert options help spark creative expression and journey throughout the design process.

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