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Sarah Z Designs

Aqualina Residence

by Sarah Z Designs

Finalist: The Elite Awards 2024

Elite Awards 2024
Sarah Z Designs

Sarah Z Designs recently completed a stunning interior design project that embodies a timeless Biophilic-Glam style. Known for their expertise in Transitional/Contemporary design, Sarah Z Designs embarked on a complete renovation of an apartment, transforming it into a breathtaking oceanside oasis that reflects the client’s desire for a glamorous aesthetic.

The scope of the project was extensive, involving a complete gutting of the apartment to create a blank canvas for Sarah Z Designs to work their magic. They incorporated custom high gloss ceilings throughout the condo, installed new flooring, implemented a Crestron system for shades and lighting control, and ensured seamless walls with flushed doors. One standout feature is the captivating backlit wall design in the entry, which adds a touch of drama and sets the tone for the entire space.

A highlight of the project was the creative incorporation of water movement into the design. From the mesmerizing entry waterfall design to the subtle movement of paint techniques, the flowing countertop in the kitchen that resembles running water, and the dynamic wallpaper in the dining area, every detail was thoughtfully considered to evoke a sense of fluidity and tranquility. These artistic elements are key to the overall design and play a pivotal role in creating an immersive and harmonious ambiance.

Cohesion is at the heart of this design, with a color palette inspired by the ocean and sandy beaches. Light and airy shades of blues and creams were carefully selected to capture the essence of the natural surroundings, bringing the calming hues of the sea and the warmth of the sand into the condo. This harmonious integration with the environment reflects Sarah Z Designs’ commitment to incorporating biophilic elements into their projects. Natural stones, textured wallpapers reminiscent of fractals, and custom pieces inspired by the movement of waves all contribute to the seamless fusion of the interior and exterior spaces.

Sarah Z Designs
Sarah Z Designs

Sarah Z Designs has once again showcased their ability to create awe-inspiring interiors that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and the natural world. The completed project is a testament to their design expertise and attention to detail, capturing the essence of a Biophilic-Glam aesthetic while maintaining the sophistication and contemporary feel that defines their signature style.

Interior Designer: Sarah Z Designs

Architect: Sarah Z Designs

Photography: Craig Dennis

Sarah Z Designs have been selected as a finalist for The design et al Elite Awards 2024. 

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