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Shauna Kelly Interiors

Luxury Homestead

by Shauna Kelly Interiors

Finalist: The Elite Awards 2024

Elite Awards 2024

Shauna Kelly Interiors was commissioned to undertake the interior design and fit-out of a newly constructed 4000 square foot contemporary family home nestled in the tranquil countryside, where modern design seamlessly merges with the natural surroundings. This design aimed at creating a harmonious and practical living space tailored to the requirements of a family with two children, while incorporating contemporary design elements to infuse the atmosphere with freshness and style.

The desired style for this dwelling is one of contemporary comfort, artfully merging clean lines, inviting textures, and a neutral color palette. The open layout promotes a sense of spaciousness and connectivity between the various living areas. Moreover, the interior design incorporates kid-friendly spaces, safety, and visual allure to create areas that cater to the needs and preferences of the children.

A central aspect of this project involves a cozy and adaptable space conducive to family gatherings and entertaining. The kitchen, as the heart of the home, is spacious and well-appointed, accompanied by an inviting dining area that encourages shared meals and meaningful conversations. Furthermore, the interior design plan encompasses the creation of comfortable bedrooms for the children, complemented by a master bedroom evoking a serene retreat-like ambiance. The bathrooms was designed with meticulous attention to functionality, featuring ample storage options and well-considered lighting arrangements.

In terms of finishes, the walls and flooring are adorned with a neutral color palette, exuding warm undertones, while the flooring materials were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Thoughtfully chosen furniture pieces with clean lines and contemporary designs provide the desired level of comfort and contribute to the overall aesthetic coherence. Lighting plays a crucial role, striking a balance between natural and artificial sources to ensure optimal illumination for various tasks and to create an inviting ambiance.

In summary, this design outlines the objectives and specifications for the creation of a contemporary comfortable family home. By harmonizing modern aesthetics with functional design, the interior design by Shauna Kelly Interiors results in a welcoming and stylish space that caters to the family’s needs, fostering relaxation, and providing an environment conducive to quality time spent together.

Photography: Peter Bruce Photography

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