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– The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024


The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Sylka Carpets

Sylka Carpets

SYLKA™ utilises NuSilk™, an innovative fiber system, to craft their products. NuSilk™ is a high-end fibre carefully designed to emulate the delicate aesthetic characteristics of natural silk.

Despite its luxurious and delicate feel, NuSilk™ is derived from a microfibre that ensures exceptional durability and resilience. The SYLKA™ collection stands out from traditional natural silk or faux silk offerings due to its commercial grade, making it ideal for diverse commercial settings like corporate spaces, hospitality venues, luxury hotels, penthouses, opulent super yachts, and exquisite residences.

Joseph Giles

Joseph Giles…

At design et al, we understand the significance and value of design awards, and the positive impact they have on the design community.

We extend an invitation to all key customers of design et al to participate as sponsors for our upcoming event. There is no fee for our key customers, and anyone interested may apply to join us as a sponsor. New companies can also apply to become key customers to avail this sponsorship opportunity.

Our primary goal, as in previous years, is to collaborate with design firms that share our vision and values, and cater to the preferences of our readers and voters. If you are involved in the high-end superyacht or aviation design industry and wish to collaborate with prominent names and establish new connections, this could be the ideal chance for you.

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The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024
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Sylka Carpets

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