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Mountain Ash
by Studio Hinton

Mountain Ash

by Studio Hinton

Shortlisted: Ski Chalet Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

In response to the escalating impacts of climate change, there is a growing inclination among individuals to seek refuge in cooler, mountainous regions, particularly during the warmer seasons. However, the desire for interiors that evoke a less wintry ambiance during summer months is prevalent. Pioneering this evolving trend, the “Non-Chalet” Chalet epitomizes a paradigm shift, presenting interiors that exude the traditional warmth of a chalet while infusing a lighter, yet equally inviting atmosphere.

Extensive deliberation was dedicated to curating a harmonious material palette. Oak, employed extensively for flooring, joineries, furnishings, and stair railings, underwent staining in four tonal variations to align with residents’ preferences. A similar approach was adopted for bathroom design, where two distinct travertines were juxtaposed with varying proportions of Emperador marble, complementing the diverse oak cabinet stains to evoke either lighter or darker tones.

Furthermore, each space was adorned with a bespoke colour palette, meticulously curated through textile selections to cater to individual inclinations. White plaster walls and recessed light moldings were strategically employed to impart a luminous ambiance, while selective use of wallpapers served to augment the concept of the “Non-Chalet” Chalet.

Diverging from conventional chalet aesthetics, the distinctive feature of this alpine project lies in its departure from traditional interior architecture, rendering its living spaces considerably more conducive for year-round habitation, including the summer months.

Eschewing the weightiness associated with typical mountain chic styles, the design ethos delicately balances traditional chalet materials with the airiness of plaster and smoother wood finishes, resulting in a cozy alpine sanctuary infused with a refreshing lightness.

Location: Switzerland

Interior Design: Studio Hinton

Construction: Comina Architecture

Photography: Stephan Julliard

Studio Hinton has been shortlisted for the Ski Chalet Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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