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On the River
by Studio Yaron Tal

On the River

by Studio Yaron Tal

Shortlisted: Restaurant - Global Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024
Studio Yaron Tal has crafted a sanctuary overlooking the majestic Jordan River and baptismal site. Nestled within nature’s embrace, this dining destination seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces to offer an enchanting experience from early evening until late into the night.

The restaurant’s design, a testament to Studio Yaron Tal’s commitment to sustainability and authenticity, is a harmonious blend of natural elements and regional heritage. Pottery and terracotta accents pay homage to the area’s traditional craftsmanship, while locally sourced stone and timber form the foundation, imparting rustic charm and connecting the structure to its surroundings.

Panoramic windows frame breathtaking views of the Jordan River, fostering a profound connection between diners and the serene environment. Lush greenery and indigenous plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also uphold the project’s sustainability ethos.

On the terrace, bamboo and rattan furniture and fixtures provide comfortable seating, creating an inviting space for intimate gatherings or larger events. These materials, chosen for their lightweight nature and eco-friendly properties, add texture and organic patterns to the design, aligning with Studio Yaron Tal’s environmentally conscious philosophy.

The lighting scheme, meticulously designed by Studio Yaron Tal, adapts to the river’s changing moods, transitioning from warm and ambient tones at sunset to vibrant and energetic hues in the evening. Carefully curated nighttime illumination enhances the landscape’s beauty while minimising light pollution, ensuring an immersive dining experience that respects the natural surroundings.

From the adjoining River Café’s offerings of light fare and drinks to the spacious indoor dining area, Studio Yaron Tal has created a sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in nature’s embrace, indulging in culinary delights while basking in the enchanting ambiance of the Jordan River.

Location: Jordan River – Kinneret – North Israel

Interior Designer: Yaron Tal

Hotel Group/ Developer: Nadav Dayan

Photography: Harel Gilboa

Studio Yaron Tal has been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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