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Sun Young Restaurant – Ink Hotel
by Studio Yaron Tal

Sun Young Restaurant - Ink Hotel

by Studio Yaron Tal

Shortlisted: Restaurant Within a Hotel Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

Nestled beneath the walls of Ink Hotel, Sun Young restaurant beckons as a subterranean haven, designed by Studio Yaron Tal, the restaurant is poised to seamlessly blend sleek modernity with the charm of the hotel’s historical roots as a publishing house and bookstore. As the restaurant’s culinary focus is Asian, an additional layer of complexity is introduced, demanding a palette that complements the hotel’s motif while allowing the vibrancy of Asian cuisine to shine.

To address the subterranean challenge, the design concept for Sun Young revolves around the strategic use of elements that elevate the space. Wallpaper adorned with subtle ink prints or abstract representations becomes a canvas for storytelling, connecting the restaurant with the hotel’s rich history. These elements are discreetly incorporated into feature walls or corners, adding literary charm without compromising the overall aesthetic.

The challenges presented in this design endeavour are multifaceted, requiring a delicate balance between creating a seductive evening ambiance and a space that can seamlessly transition into a warm, inviting space for hotel guests to enjoy breakfast in. In pursuit of a harmonious blend of history and modernity, a colour scheme dominated by soft greens, warm browns, and subtle gold accents becomes the backdrop. This sophisticated palette not only respects the hotel’s heritage but also provides a canvas for the integration of pops of primary colours inspired by Asian culture and ink colours. Vibrant hues find expression in accent furniture, upholstery, and details within the bespoke wallpaper, injecting energy into the space without overpowering its elegant essence.

Addressing the challenge of limited natural light in an underground setting, a strategically placed skylight takes center stage. This architectural feature allows daylight to flood the space during the daytime, transforming the ambiance and offering a connection to the outside world.

Diverse seating options and sections play a pivotal role in shaping the multifunctional nature of Sun Young. The restaurant features a variety of seating arrangements, including intimate nooks for romantic evenings, banquette seating for a lively atmosphere, and a cozy lounge area.

Adding to the allure, a large-scale typewriter key installation hangs over the bar, forming a captivating bridge between the upstairs lobby area and the restaurant below. This unique feature not only pays homage to the hotel’s literary heritage but also creates a visual connection, symbolizing the seamless transition between the vibrant activity of the lobby and the intimate ambiance of Sun Young and vice versa.

Sun Young emerges as a subterranean symphony where every design element serves a dual purpose. The restaurant becomes a testament to the artful fusion of sleek modernity, historical relevance, and the vibrant allure of Asian cuisine.

Location: Tel Aviv

Architect: Yoav Messer

Interior Designer: Yaron Tal

Photographer: Yoav Gorin

Studio Yaron Tal has been shortlisted for Restaurant Within a Hotel Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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