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I.P. – Proximus
by Textron Aviation

I.P. Proximus

by Textron Aviation

Shortlisted: Private Jet Design - Concept Award

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards
Textron Aviation

The I.P. – Proximus epitomises a visionary cabin experience that pushes the frontiers of technology and aesthetics to unparalleled heights. It harnesses the collective expertise and craftsmanship of industry leaders to redefine what’s achievable. Designers at Textron Aviation meticulously pinpointed distinct features for both the cabin and cockpit to ensure an ultra-modern, comfortable, and exceptionally user-friendly journey for every individual on board.

Imagine having comprehensive control at your fingertips. This vision materialises for passengers aboard the I.P. – Proximus. The advanced Cabin Management System (CMS) provides extensive control over ambient lighting, enhancing both productivity and comfort. From transforming the atmosphere into a lively, youthful setting with theatre or party modes to synchronising lights, speakers, seats, screens, and windows, passengers can immerse themselves in an extraordinary onboard environment. Elegant VIP touchscreens equipped with an aerial camera feed replace conventional windows, offering multifunctional displays that seamlessly shift from cinematic experiences to informational displays or serene views of the sky. Moreover, the “Sky View” OLED overhead technology, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional skylights, introduces versatile functionality, displaying panoramic scenes and enhancing the cabin’s ambiance with sustainable materials like natural woods and stone accents, reminiscent of nature in flight.

The design’s human-centric approach blends warmth with futuristic electronics, epitomizing a home of the future. Geometric windows and cantilevered architecture visually expand the cabin space, while zero-gravity seating technology, scientifically proven to offer the most natural and relaxing posture, ensures passengers’ comfort throughout their journey. Yet, the Proximus doesn’t solely prioritise passengers. It extends its cutting-edge technology and luxury from the cabin seamlessly into the cockpit, creating a harmonious blend of innovation and comfort.

Pilot situational awareness receives a significant boost through a patent-secured wrap-around touch screen instrument panel, revolutionizing functionality with flying capabilities and essential controls at their fingertips. The cockpit showcases lightweight, slimline crew seats inspired by a fusion of lounge chairs and sport bucket seats, offering optimal comfort and functionality.

Textron Aviation
Textron Aviation

Touchscreens continue to dominate the cockpit, providing configurable functionality for pilots’ preferences, complemented by gesture-based technology for the windshield, reducing glare and enhancing visibility. Advanced materials and customizable finishes transform the avionics suite into a pilot’s artistic canvas.

The I.P. – Proximus isn’t merely a flashy concept; it’s a testament to Textron Aviation’s unwavering commitment to prioritize the needs of both pilots and passengers. This design stands as a testament to the exceptional talent of design engineers, ensuring a remarkable flying experience for all who step aboard.

Textron Aviation have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

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