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Uphill Road
by The Living Room

Uphill Road

by The Living Room

Shortlisted: Residential Market Value £5 Million Plus Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

The Living Room

The Living Room has showcased a remarkable residential project in the prestigious location of Mill Hill. This stunning new build spans an impressive 6,500 square feet and stands as a true showstopper with its modern design fused with classic contemporary elements.

The residence boasts six spacious bedrooms, a tennis court, an indoor pool, a large kitchen, and a grand hallway featuring a classic contemporary staircase, all contributing to the property’s market valuation of £6.5 million. The project was a back-to-brick renovation, completely transforming the existing space into a luxurious modern home.

One of the notable highlights of the design is the seamless incorporation of classic contemporary touches, offering a unique aesthetic appeal. Particularly striking are the two daughters’ bedrooms, exuding a ‘fairytale’ charm through subtle and soft colour palettes that seamlessly flow into the ensuite bathrooms.

Bespoke joinery has been meticulously integrated throughout the house, enhancing its elegance and functionality. The large curved staircase stands tall at 6 meters, complemented by a bespoke hallway chandelier. The design also emphasizes key areas such as the staircase, the expansive kitchen, and a vibrant powder room. The latter features a lively feature wall adorned with Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and a statement Nero Marquina washbasin, embodying an inviting and alluring ambiance.

The Living Room
The Living Room

The selection of materials stands as a testament to the project’s success, with a masterful blend of Nero Marquina marble, brass trims, and contrasting light flooring. The result is a design that is described as ‘dark and dangerous’, inviting with a touch of flair.

The Living Room has showcased an exemplary residential project that marries modern aesthetics with classic contemporary elements, creating a living space that is not only visually captivating but also functional and inviting. The careful selection and combination of materials have elevated this residence to an extraordinary level of luxury and sophistication.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Interior Designer: Ali Sayed

Photography: Hannah Gasparutti

The Living Room has been shortlisted for the Residential Market Value £5 Million Plus Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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