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Liquid Sky – A feature product from our Bried Epiphany Lighting Collection
by Yellow Goat Design

Liquid Sky - A feature product from our Bried Epiphany Lighting Collection

by Yellow Goat Design

Shortlisted: Lighting Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Yellow Goat Design’s latest collection, Brief Epiphany, delves into the concept of time and its transformation into a thing of beauty. The collection encapsulates a fleeting instance of connection and transcendence while acknowledging the significance of the present moment. It upholds a reverence for the past while embracing technological advancements, underscoring a dedication to meticulous craftsmanship balanced with a forward-looking perspective.

As dawn breaks on the shoreline, a wave of potential crashes forth. The shifting hues of the sky herald a moment detached from history, leaving a yearning for more. This bespoke light fixture comprises 125 elements crafted from fluted, digitally printed acrylic panels, encased in ø1” satin black powder coat metal tubes and illuminated by an LED light strip. Each element exudes simplicity and elegance in its individuality. However, when combined and arranged in diverse configurations, they coalesce into a conglomerate of captivating forms, emitting vibrant hues and an enchanting luminosity.

This amalgamation kindles a sense of curiosity and fascination, beckoning onlookers to delve deeper into its mesmerizing intricacies. What consistently distinguishes Yellow Goat products is their singular approach to design. Much akin to sculptors or painters, each creation is infused with the designer’s personal aesthetic and ingenuity. This distinctive hallmark ensures that every Yellow Goat design transcends mere functionality, emerging as a veritable masterpiece that imparts a distinctive and personal flair to any environment.

Designer: Yellow Goat Design

Yellow Goat Design has been shortlisted for the Lighting Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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