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The Best of Aviation Design
Vol. VII


The design for Concept Artless is intended to be minimalistic with sleek, tasteful design elements striving to convey the message of simplicity. The interior is designed to remove distractions and highlight natural beauty. Every detail is designed to create the luxurious comforts of home for owners and guests.

Aerion is pioneering a new generation of efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible supersonic aircraft. The AS2® is an integration of future technology and craftsmanship ushering in a new era of sustainable supersonic flight that does not require afterburning engines. Traveling at a top speed of Mach 1.4 (1,000mph) this ultra-luxury supersonic business jet will use the quietest and most fuel-efficient supersonic engine in history without a boom reaching the ground and the ability to accept 100% engineered synthetic fuels.

The Falcon 8X is Dassault Aviation’s flagship ultra-long range business jet. Though the elegant interior had been well received since its 2016 entry into service, change is inevitable in the design world. The Dassault design team used the opportunity to rethink the interiors considering today’s private aircraft owner tastes.

Design, of course, has always been important in a cabin, with comfort and functionality having major roles. These are even more important in a large-cabin jet because of the long distances travelled. To gain an accurate understanding of owner requirements, the design team consulted with business executives and applied their input to a new design.


How would you describe your personal design style?
I would say I am a curious learner – I’m continually wanting to explore new arrangements and gain new influences. I believe 2020 taught me a lot about what change can look like, propelling me to consider where we should be headed with our interior projects. With that, I also anchor on the past, with an underlining Classic foundation.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I’m inspired by international influences, from artists to relics to natural elements. In the end, I always navigate back to Mother Nature and the diversity of design she brings.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021

Applications are now in their final weeks for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

2021 marks the 11th Anniversary of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, which promises to identify and reward the world’s best Aviation design. The Awards are recognised as the “premier of the very top class in design, not only with industry professionals, designers but also with VIP clientele. To have a product be judged and recognized by such an esteemed community is extraordinary.”

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