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The Best of Canada (Residential) vol. 3

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021:

Henrietta Southam Design Make The Shortlist

This city-based home was designed to assuage, comfort and calm, and with the proper adjustments, it became an intensely private and personal meditative space.
Existing amongst several other condominiums was a challenge welcomed by Henrietta Southam Design. As referenced by its namesake, the focus for Cloud Nine was to highlight it’s elevated and light filled location. To do so, the residence brings in blues and silvers which reflect the view of it’s high-rise position.

Cloud Nine : shortlisted for Cityspace – Global

Designer In Profile: Nicholas Ancerl, Ancerl Studio

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I credit Spirit for the inspiration – the proper concept or idea always comes. It may take longer at times but there is never a doubt that it is the right way to go when it does come. Inspiration comes in so many forms… a team member may come with a great image, or someone walking with a great outfit can trigger something but the number one for me is getting an opportunity to set foot into old European buildings that have grand interior spaces. There is almost always a detail take away that I am just dying to evolve into something new.

Nicholas 2019

Look Back At 2018: Winning Project

Sheree Stuart Design were asked to design a custom kitchen in Toronto’s Kingsway neighbourhood with a calm and classic feel. The beautiful classic kitchen was designed for a busy client who loves to cook and spend time with her family and friends. The designers wanted to design a space that really captured the client’s soul.  Her beautiful china, antique silver tea kettles and crystal were part of the inspiration.


The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021:

Applications are now open for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021. 

For over 12 years now, The International Design & Architecture Awards have supported the global interior design and architecture industry and brought together an elite group of companies and are constantly regarded as “the pinnacle of recognition within the industry.”

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