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Henrietta Southam Design

Cloud Nine by Henrietta Southam Design

Henrietta Southam Design have been shortlisted for Cityspace – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture 2021.

This city-based home was designed to assuage, comfort and calm, and with the proper adjustments, it became an intensely private and personal meditative space.

Existing amongst several other condominiums was a challenge welcomed by Henrietta Southam Design. As referenced by its namesake, the focus for Cloud Nine was to highlight it’s elevated and light filled location. To do so, the residence brings in blues and silvers which reflect the view of it’s high-rise position.

Henrietta Southam Design

Her savvy client had asked Henrietta Southam Design to transform apartment, previously belonging to a Canadian pop star, into a softly layered meditative space. “Awed by the view and silenced by the palpable serenity of the open space” is how Henrietta describes feeling during her original encounter with this domicile. The kitchen was completely redesigned and both bathrooms were refurbished. The master bedroom and breakfast nook had previously been on platforms that had to be taken out, and a closet was added in the entry for practicality. The apartment had never truly been finished and Henrietta Southam Design polished it to a gleam.

Henrietta Southam Design

The designers chose the colours of a changing sky as inspiration. Colours that bring the spectacular view in, and make the space soar above the city. Lush materials were sourced to enhance the airiness of the space, while their organic nature ground it. Grass and silk, linen and oak, velvet and sheepskin, soapstone and silver ore were deftly combined and carefully chosen to enhance the elements of water and air that surreptitiously surround this home with their peaceful presence.

Henrietta Southam Design

The original hand-hewn woodwork is entirely unique and was instantly treasured by Southam. Her favourite aspect though, is the air ducts that have been concealed behind hand-hewn wood pieces. These were made to look like a Buddhist temple to settle the soul. Artist Ross Rheaume drew and delivered both the Balinese hand hewn floor and duct work.

Henrietta Southam Design

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