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The International Design
& Architecture Awards



Rigby & Rigby
We are thrilled to have been acknowledged in this year’s International Design & Architecture Awards alongside some of the best designers in the world.

Joanna Wood
The International Design & Architecture Awards… are recognised as the best in the world of interior design.

Katharine Pooley Ltd
The International Design & Architecture Awards are my go to awards to see and evaluate the best design here and abroad, they offer a fabulous platform for designers to showcase ground breaking designs that truly wow.

Shalini Misra
Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event last Friday. We are overjoyed and so grateful to pick up yet another prestigious award. The talent on the night was like none other I have seen in all my time as an interior designer attending award ceremonies. Congratulations on another brilliant year, the venue was perfect! We can’t wait to be part of the awards again next year.

Hill House Interiors
Highly respected within the design industry, the Design Awards are continually growing in popularity. It’s inspiring to see such a wide variety of skills and styles represented, showing the diversity within the interior design industry. The projects and companies awarded the prestigious accolades are truly the best in the business, and Hill House Interiors continue to be delighted to take part in the awards.

Laura Hammett
The Awards are important as the winners are selected by the industry, giving the accolades gravitas and the event and variety of the categories allow for recognition across the whole design sphere.

These awards are internationally recognised, including submissions from the best and most reputable designers in the world. To be observed as a finalist within this space is amongst the best validation for a Design and Architecture practice such as ourselves.

Helen Green Design
The design et al awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the industry showcasing the best in design. They are known for showcasing the best in design, and being part of this awards sits us among some of the greatest designers in the industry.

Banda Property
In a noisy world where everyone is vying for attention and recognition, The International Design & Architecture Awards cut through the white noise of self-promotion and champion the very best of design, globally. By being completely impartial we can rely on them to uncover the raw emerging talent of the future alongside established designers at the top of their game. The International Design & Architecture Awards bring recognition and respect like no other award.

Annabelle Holland Design
The International Design & Architecture awards are the pinnacle of recognition within the industry.

As one of the leading authorities in the global interior design and architecture industry, design et al represents some of the world’s leading design names. Being a part of their awards is a true honour and positions Finchatton amongst world leaders in design.

Alexander James Interior Design
It’s always a great achievement to receive an award that is seen as the best in the world of interior design. It is also particularly gratifying to be recognised by those in the same industry as you.

Mokka Design
The International Design & Architecture awards are important because they provide recognition; showcasing work from an exclusive group of studios from across the globe, the awards provide visibility on some of the world’s best designers. The highly respected International Design & Architecture awards represents what is considered ‘the pinnacle of design’ and signifies a principle moment in the industry’s event calendar.

Blackband Design
The International Design and Architecture awards are important because they hold a standard for globally appreciated design. Gathering the most impressive designs from around the world provide us with newfound inspiration outside of our reach. This promotes design curiosity and continually elevates creative professionals’ work.

161 London
It is always important for there to be a top benchmark in any industry so that people can continue to aspire to improve.

Tailored Living Interiors
A great opportunity for recognition by the best industry body and an opportunity to discover the work of other great designers.

Sarah Z Designs
I just want to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being included and nominated in the Design et al Awards Ceremony of 2019… just being there with so much talent in that room and meeting all the wonderful designers and architects… was a beyond amazing experience. I am honored in being a part of the Design et al family. You put together an incredible and beautiful event, and you just inspired us to want to come back.

Lucas Design Associates
We feel the International Design & Architecture awards are important because they showcase innovation and diversity in design and unite the global design community. These prestigious awards offer a fantastic opportunity for global recognition as well as unparalleled exposure for designers from around the world. We are honoured to be considered for these awards and believe this is an important opportunity to not only highlight our team’s accomplishments and further establish our position in the design industry but also to recognize the hard work and dedication of the many local craftsmen in our community who helped turn our designs into realities.

Lawson Robb
The International Design Awards are the leader in recognition of excellence in the design in the industry and allow the best projects in the industry to be recognised.

Rachel Usher Interior Design
As designers, having our work judged encourages professionalism, a desire to improve upon our work both in terms of creativity and level of detailing. Peer scrutiny ensures that the best designers and architects are promoted and also challenged to be the best version of themselves and continue to learn and improve.

Studio 8 Design
The International Design & Architecture Awards are important because they showcase top quality design work to an International audience. The voting system is truly unique and leads to much greater exposure for participants than typical awards do. This allows people to be inspired by work from all over the world.

de Loren & Associates
We are excited for the International Design & Architecture Awards as it promotes innovative design at the highest level. It is an opportunity for designers to showcase their work and be critiqued by industry professionals on their design skills and uniqueness. The Design Awards allows their audience to experience exceptional international architecture. We would be honored to be part of this.

We want to continue our storytelling and believe International Design and Architecture awards are the perfect way to do that. Naturally, being creatives we are often perfectionists and know that the ID&A awards only ever shortlist the projects that showcase the absolute pinnacle of design so it would be an absolute honour to be shortlisted.

Marston & Langinger
With the International Design & Architecture Awards being recognised by the wider Design and Architecture industry as the leading platform for recognition of great design, it has become the perfect opportunity for Marston & Langinger to display its world class structures.

Brian Worthington & Associates
It is an honor to be recognized in the International Interior Design and Architecture awards because the competition is so high and the talent is so great. It is the best of the best in each category. The     awards are becoming increasingly important since they give such a  wonderful global and domestic perspective of the most beautiful spaces being created in the 21st Century.

KA Designworks
I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for putting on such a wonderful design competition and awards ceremony. You are doing a great service for the design community, and your hard work and effort was obvious in both the publications and execution of the event… I have submitted for, and even won other design awards, but none were as rewarding as this experience. Keep up the good work and thanks again!”

Estee Design
First, it is great to receive recognition of my work form the best in the industry! This experience is priceless, and every creative person can validate the gratitude one experiences after your hard work is validated by your peers.  But I also think that The International Design & Architecture awards is an amazing platform for leading designers to showcase their work and share their talents with the rest of the design world on the global scale. This process creates opportunities for designers to learn, communicate and evolve.

Design Intervention
The International Design & Architecture Awards play a critical role in driving healthy competition and in raising industry standards by the very nature of their judging criteria. Being judged by fellow members of the design community, clients and customers makes the awards a truly accurate reflection of the design landscape. Celebrating this excellence positively impacts clients and ultimately consumer confidence. Not all awards are equal and an ID&A award, to us, is true recognition from the industry!

The International Design & Architecture Awards are one of the most highly recognized awards in the industry, especially as winners are not voted for by a panel.

Henrietta Holroyd Ltd
They are recognised worldwide as an industry standard, so are a prestigious platform to gain status and recognition within a competitive industry. The awards recognise the enormous amount of work we interior designers put into our projects, as well as give value and acknowledgement to the medium and craft itself.

Studio Sidika
I do think the International Design & Architecture awards are so important because they showcase the best international designers and they push designer to constantly innovate and be exposed to the multicultural language of design over the world.

Sequoia London
The International Design & Architecture Awards are crucial to our industry. Aside from recognising great design and designers within our industry, they create a global awareness for it and for those who participate. They bring our community together and allow us not only to reflect and enjoy the successes our individual companies have achieved that year, but to also recognise the successes of our peers in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Richmond Bell Architects
The International Design and Architecture Awards offer the opportunity for industry-wide recognition of work, by exposing the project to a large audience. The prestige associated with a place in the shortlist for the awards would be incredibly beneficial to any design or architecture practice.

Running for these awards is for us one of the rare and qualitative ways to show our creation at its very best (usually this level of Interior architecture projects remain un disclosed as per the owners’ wish) and share it with our peers.

Yabu Pushelberg
The International Design & Architecture Awards are important as it recognizes and dignifies industry thought leaders, paying homage to the craft, skill and partnerships which make design evolve to respond to the needs of today and into tomorrow. We are all so busy thinking about what is next, it is important to cherish the present and admire the accomplishments of our partners and peers.

Studio Mills Design
The awards are renowned in the industry as it is our peers judging rather than a panel – it makes being shortlisted more valuable as it is our peers recognising and celebrating the design.

OWAL Architects
This is a showcase for some of the world’s finest architecture, interior design and landscaping bought together in front of an international audience.

Oakeve Interiors
The International Design & Architecture awards are very prestigious and revered accolades that set the industry benchmark for acclaimed, skilful interior design and architecture across the globe. They acknowledge the passion, commitment and hard work by individuals and organisations alike, attaining recognition and respect from our peers and within the interior and architectural industry as a whole.

The awards are extremely important, and their value cannot be underestimated. Over the past decade, the awards have become one of the most respected awards ceremonies in the world. They act as a platform for the most excellent suppliers and designers to showcase their best work – acting as a benchmark for years to come and allowing design to constantly evolve. The finalists are recognised as the very best in the world of interior design.

Cochrane Design
We believe the awards are important because our association with the awards and our past wins have played a role in securing new clients, especially those from other parts of the world. It’s an honour to be amongst so many great designers and to be able to recognise and celebrate this creativity year after year.

Design by Uber
The international design and architecture awards are important for a multitude of reasons.  We believe that exemplary design is about pushing the boundaries and challenging the accepted norms.  The awards recognise exceptional talent within the world of design and architecture and, in so doing, concurrently inspire other design professionals to continue raising the bar. Furthermore, as the awards are truly international, with entries from every corner of the globe, it allows peers within the industry to showcase their design schemes to a wider audience namely their fellow professionals around the world and the Design et al readers.  The international flavour of the awards proves that outstanding design transcends any cultural or social differences. Ultimately the awards are a celebration of the very best the design world has to offer and an inspiration to ensure future excellence in the industry.

Casa Forma
We won our first Design & Architecture Awards in 2011 and since then we have been participating every year because we feel that being associated with the Awards is a honour for any interior design company. The International Design and Architecture Awards are unique because its s based on two important criteria – industry expertise as well as votes by potential clients. The mixture of both allows the awards to recognize a firm that has amazing design but at the same time is commercial and appeals to their target market. We can’t wait to celebrate the10th Anniversary with the amazing people that we meet at the ceremony every year!

Carlisle Design Studio
The best of the best are lucky enough to be invited to exhibit their talents to these awards and allow their wildly different presence and character to be displayed through truly unique interiors. Rarely do similar schemes get put next to each other and the awards are a great opportunity to show that. Design houses often use these as a point of inspiration, much like high concept fashion awards influencing the next season’s designs, and it is an honour having the opportunity to do so.

Laura U Interior Design
Design is an art form that is recognized worldwide. The International Design & Architecture Awards is one of the few organizations that brings artists and designers together from a myriad of countries and cultures to celebrate the very best and most innovative designs.

Artwood Floors
Provides a platform not only for the recognition of best of class works, but a focal point to the design year. From a personal perspective, it is an opportunity to look outside of the box a little and see some of the inspiring creativity that is produced.

Harrods Interiors
To be judged by our peers on a respected luxury interior design platform creates a fantastic opportunity for our team to receive recognition from industry experts. The International Design & Architecture awards are important due to their respected standing and reputation across relevant industries. As well as the award’s international recognition, its appeal lies in its commitment to quality design and the industry-based judging which provides the assurance that all selected finalists will truly be the best in their category.

Noriko Sawayama, BABID
It was a really gorgeous ceremony and I thoroughly enjoyed the night with colleagues at the premium table. Thank you for creating such a fantastic party.

Lonni Paul Design
The International Design and Architecture awards is the event I look forward to each year.  Winning an award that is voted on by your peers is very rewarding professionally.  Having the design et al name behind the award gives it a prestige that lets your clients know you’re at the top of your game! The International Design and Architecture awards are important because they bring together top design talent from all over the world and recognize, honor and celebrate it.nternational Design and Architecture awards are important because they bring together top design talent from all over the world and recognize, honor and celebrate it.

Morpheus London
We feel that the Design Awards offer the opportunity for international recognition and present a chance to further improve our future work through peer review and appraisal. For us, the review of our work from industry peers and leaders allows us to continually develop and grow as designers. The award is a chance to fully appreciate the art of design and architecture within the industry as a whole, and allows us to see our work alongside other fantastic projects from leading design studios.

Amy Lau Design
Winning an International Design & Architecture award is very important to our firm; it serves as a testament to our company’s work ethic, dedication and unique work. It also offers our firm international awareness  and recognition.

Interior Design touches all of us every day, good design helps shape our lives for the better, it entertains us, intrigues us and in the home to some extent defines us. London is more and more a creative hub and catalyst for the coming together and exchanging of ideas, it is so important to reflect and celebrate great design across the globe, London and awards such as International Design & Architecture awards are the perfect stage to allow this to happen.

Tollgard Design Group
The judging system is at once terrifying and deeply humbling.  Our peers in the design industry are amongst the most creative and talented people in the world. Pitching your project to them is a unique chance to reflect on the creative journey and underline the motivations, struggles and triumphs experienced on the way – knowing that they will see through any attempts at hyperbole!

We have been entering the awards for nearly a decade.  Where we were strangers in the room in our company’s fledgling years, we are now part of a diverse yet united community of designers, working on some of the most incredible projects in the world.  At last year’s awards I was inspired and moved by many of the projects that won or that were shortlisted.  When we won, our table – and many of those around us – were genuinely moved and excited for us.  When friends of ours won, we celebrated in their triumph.  The longevity of the awards, their professionalism and dedication, and the calibre of the designers that they bring together have created something that we are truly proud to play a part in. A compelling, creative and close-knit club that thrives on competition but unites in their pursuit of excellence.

Accouter Group
It is an honour to be shortlisted at the International Design and Architecture awards. Their back catalogue of talented featured designers is unquestionable. They are at the forefront of recognising and showcasing the future of international design

Turner Pocock
The world of architecture and interior design affects everyone in their day to day existence and yet there are few platforms for the industry to be recognised (certainly in comparison with other professions). We appreciate the good work that you do bringing our industry into the limelight

Espresso Design
Very simply, they are the benchmark for innovation, integrity and excellence within our industry.

Maurizio Pellizzoni
The International Design & Architectural awards is one of the most recognised awards around the word. This level of recognition in the industry is important to any professional, in order to define their career.

McCarron & Co.
Winning the international award is the ultimate accolade for designers. It means your design has passed the stringent and rigorous judging by professionals and peers and is thought of as a a highly commendable piece of design. The PR that goes with this award will help attract potential clients who are willing to work on highly collaborative and pioneering projects.  This will help set the benchmark for future projects in the industry and raise the standards as a whole.

JHR Interiors
I feel the awards is a great opportunity to recognise the work of our peers, and we look to the shortlists to gain inspiration and push our own creativity. It’s also a great chance to celebrate the hard work that goes into the design and execution of the built environment – seeing a project through from start to finish is a tough job, and we always love a chance to enjoy the finished result and encourage our team to keep up the good work!

Swarovski Lighting
Design speaks to us in an international language, and excellence in design intrigues and excites the viewer. The International Design & Architecture Awards play an important, prestigious role in highlighting and bringing the excitement of design to audiences from all over the globe.

These awards set the benchmark for design excellence across a range of disciplines, from interior and architectural design to product design, and their global reach enables participants to share their projects, ideas and successes with peers across different regions.  The awards voting process is very egalitarian, and gives a large community of design professionals the opportunity to have a voice in determining who in their community is at the top of their game. The awards act as a certificate of excellence from a well-respected player in the design world, allowing the winning participants to demonstrate their expertise to their existing and potential clients.

Nathan Anthony Furniture
Being recognised by your peers for excellence for something you designed is the ultimate compliment and greatest encouragement for more greatness.

David Hunt Lighting
The Awards are industry leading and represent a benchmark for design. It is important to recognise designers and their products to celebrate the skillsets involved. It is also a great way on inspiring the next generation of young designers and product developers.

Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design:
It’s a high-profile award that recognizes the best of design and the hard work and talent that is evident in every winning project. It recognizes designers on an international level that elevates a designers’ exposure to a wider audience and gives assurance to potential clients that they are hiring a professional that has been judged with the world’s best in design.

Archer Design
In a global design community recognition from a highly respected body such as the International Design & Architecture Awards not only provides a valuable forum to showcase one’s work, it also gives designers from far and wide the opportunity to understand how we all work. Our shared goal must surely be to provide our clients with the best design solutions possible for them, so these awards provide us all with a wonderful opportunity to understand how others in our craft have approached that same principle and skilfully applied themselves to the task.

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