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Designer in Profile: Richard Archer Principal of Archer Design

Archer Design have been shortlisted for 1 Category in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021. Read more about the Founder & Creative Director below:

Name: Richard Archer
Company: Archer Design
Position: Principal

Tell us a little about your background in design (Education, experience, etc)
Though a registered architect, I have always been passionate about great Interior design and now with my team I have the opportunity to apply that to all of our projects.
Since graduating in architecture over 35 years ago I have specialised in blending top quality architectural and interior design across a range of projects in corporate, multi residential developments and high-end private commissions.
I greatly enjoy employing the skills the Archer Design teams and I have developed in both disciplines and feel the combination of the two creates the best result for our clients.

How would you describe your personal design style?
If there is a signature style to Archer Design’s work, it could be described best as ‘classic modern’. Though each project, we always employ a finely tuned language of clear and concise planning augmented with sophisticated finishes, exemplary detailing and finally curated art works and furniture items to create relaxed yet elegant environment for our clients to live in and enjoy.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
Many of our private residential commissions are located on or very close to the stunning natural beauty of Sydney Harbour so creating stylish, elegant living environment to complement its unique natural beauty is one of our most treasured challenges.

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
We live in a global village where a localised act of creation can almost instantly become an international trend.
Seeing how people live in a wide range of environments and cultures not only opens a designer’s eyes to other ways of designing, it can focus their mind on how to interpret the unique challenges of their individual project, and how it can in some way contribute to that international dialogue.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2020 and beyond.
The Clients Voice: Always respect the clients’ voice. It is their home after all. I love the challenge of blending their thoughts into our shared vision and providing them with something that far exceeds their expectations.
Smart Home Technology: Understand how smart home systems can be a wonderful tool to enhancing people living experience, but never at the expense of simplicity.
Digital Artworks: Technological advancement has brought new depth and dimensions to interior architecture. Movement in form, content, colour and light can add incredible excitement and depth to a space. Worldwide, leading and emerging digital artists are producing wonderful work that designers should embrace and use as a marvellous counterpoint to the inherent stillness of our craft.

ESD: Environmentally sustainable design is not a ‘trend’, it is a necessity. This doesn’t however mean every home need like a crofter’s cottage. With modern advances in digital technology, it is possible to have the look and feel of rare, glamorous and exotic materials without damaging the natural environment.

Professional Design Skill: Design has become a highly accessible and marketable resource with a plethora of onsite forums, videos and do it yourself exponents. It is important that architects and designers constantly. It is important that architects and designers constantly develop their skills to showcase far more than just decoration. We can fundamentally change a way someone lives and wants to be seen to be living and it is with our skillset that we can ensure this will always be for the better.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes what would it be?
Designers: believe in yourself but watch and listen. Interior design is an applied art. Wherein a multitude of possible options can all be right. A designer that trusts themselves and follows through on their convictions is what a client wants. However the clients voice must be heard. A designer that has the confidence to swiftly evolve and adapt their original vision but never lose sight of the end goal will provide their client with comfort and security. It is after what they are paying for.

How Important are The International Design and Architecture Awards?
In a global design community recognition from a respected body such as the International Design and Architecture Awards not only provide a valuable forum to showcase one’s work, it also gives designers from far and wide the opportunity to understand how we all work.

Our shared goal must surely be to provide our clients with the best design solutions possible for them, so these awards provide us all with a wonderful opportunity to understand how others in our craft have approached that same principle and skilfully applied themselves to the task.

What projects are you currently working on?
The Arch design team are all excited to be working on several new private residential commissions, a health spa in Sydney CBD and the major refurbishment of a multi-storey commercial building. We also have begun rolling out new boutique for a leading Australian fashion label.

What was your favourite project to work on and why?
For some time we have been designing a large new four level home on a on a steeply sloping site in the leafy Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. Along the way we have encountered many issues obtaining local authority approval, a challenging neighbourhood situation and significant site access issues. But we have overcome all of those obstacles and will shortly begin construction which is a huge relief for us and our ever-patient clients.

Which Products/Services could you not live without designing?
Though of course all of Archer Design’s projects are documented, detailed and rendered in CADD, I still begin each project with a roll of yellow trace, a scale rule and a handful of pens, so those items are absolutely integral to the process of design for me (plus plenty of coffee and great music)

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
We are enjoying the process of revealing our Sydney Villa project to the world and the high level of Social, Local and International media interest it has engendered.

Over the next 12 months we look forward to the continuing the further development of current (and future) residential commissions and also designing exciting new projects for our clients in the corporate and fashion sectors.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself and your daily inspirations:

Your most treasured possession? My seven year old Whippet Jimmy is deeply treasured

Your favourite holiday destination? The far North of New Zealand, Peace tranquillity and the love of dear friends.

Your favourite hotel restaurant and bar? Hotel – The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok Restaurant Nomad in Surrey Hills Sydney Bar- The Sunset Bar Waitapu Bay

Favourite Book Film and Song? Book – The Friend by Sigrid Nunez. Film – Gosford Park by Robert Altman. Song – Perfect Day Lou Reed.

Favourite Food and Drink? Anything served up at the Sunset Bar

Favourite way to spend and afternoon? Preparing for an evening entertaining close friends in my home.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be? I would be SO bored.

Archer Design shortlisted in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021. 

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