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Baseline Lighting Design Studio

Baseline Lighting Design Studio

Bespoke Chandelier – Louis Vuitton, Qiantan, China by Baseline Lighting Design Studio

Baseline Lighting Design Studio have been shortlisted for Lighting – Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio has recently completed a remarkable and handcrafted bespoke chandelier for Louis Vuitton in Qiantan, showcasing their ability to integrate lighting, electrical, and mechanical criteria into a true masterpiece.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio

The two-level Louis Vuitton boutique in Shanghai, designed by the in-house Louis Vuitton Architecture Department with the assistance of eightsixthree architecture interiors, boasts a distinctive atmosphere heightened by the presence of a one-of-a-kind chandelier adorning the staircase. Baseline Lighting Design Studio took charge of this exclusive project from concept to successful implementation, ensuring seamless coordination with the construction and engineering aspects of the bespoke lighting glass tube wall, which was masterfully manufactured by Erlicht.

The chandelier, a stunning work of art, comprises over 700 clear glass tubes, forming a surface area of 9 by 6 meters. Each glass tube is meticulously shaped like the iconic Louis Vuitton emblem and carefully positioned to create a unique pattern. To further enhance the design, a rainbow effect has been applied to the edges of each glass tube, producing a mesmerizing display of vivid colours from the Maison as customers ascend the staircase. Tiny LED bolts illuminate the glass tubes, adding an enchanting touch to the bespoke chandelier.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio

This breath-taking project pays tribute to the rich history of the Maison while embracing contemporary details, resulting in a perfectly balanced interior design that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. The ingenious construction of the chandelier allows guests to experience a kaleidoscope of colours depending on their viewing angle, making the store truly iconic and creating an unforgettable retail experience.

The bespoke Louis Vuitton chandelier in Qiantan stands out due to its unique and innovative design, seamlessly blending the brand’s iconic monogram with cutting-edge lighting technology to create a stunning visual impact. It serves as a testament to Louis Vuitton’s esteemed history and unwavering commitment to excellence, solidifying the brand’s status as a global leader in luxury fashion and lifestyle.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio

Baseline Lighting Design Studio

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