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Beckett Interiors

Maison Verte by Beckett Interiors

Beckett Interiors have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021

Bringing the living spaces of a young couple’s home together with a playful approach to the design, Beckett Interiors took inspiration from the clients’ garden and the functionality needed from their busy everyday lives. It is a small-scale project than encapsulates the living and dining area, where the spaces needed to reflect the client’s personality and age, as well as cater to their lifestyle.

Beckett Interiors

Organic forms are contrasted against more geometric patterns for a kinetic experience within the space. The depth within the rooms and the play on different textural materials against the forest green brings the space together, and for Beckett Interiors is what makes this space work well. The client has a love for her garden and wanted this to be reflected into the interiors as well. The forest green provides a connection to this, and draws the outside in. Beckett Interiors also made sure that this was carried through into the styling by using natural moss and orchids throughout the spaces.

Beckett Interiors

Functionality was very important to the clients and so the designers used performance fabrics or textural fabrics where they could. This was then extended to ensuring that each of the spaces had access to ample storage. All furniture throughout the project is bespoke, made specifically for this space. The bespoke coffee table is one of the key elements as it one that catches the eye upon entrance to the room. Working with a highly skilled joinery company locally in Bahrain along with a highly skilled ironmonger is what enabled Beckett Interiors to produce all the bespoke elements that were needed for this project. A key consideration for the designers when doing so was the clients’ request for the space to be “child proof” as they had plans to have children in the near future.

Beckett Interiors

When given the brief, the key requirements were for a space that could handle the hustle and bustle of day to day life while being formal enough to entertain guests as the clients do on regular basis. Requested as part of this was to use vibrant colours and elements from the garden within the interiors. The client’s reaction upon handover became the designers’ favourite part of the project; having a glint in her eyes as she saw the space come together for the first time, she described this experience “as more emotional that selecting her wedding dress”.

Beckett Interiors

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