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Claudia Afshar Design

Claudia Afshar Collection by Claudia Afshar Design

Claudia Afshar Design have been shortlisted for Flooring – Carpet/Rug Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2022.

The Claudia Afshar Collection is an innovative 7-piece rug line with a masterful blend of ultra-minimalism, extreme detail, timeless elegance, and magical movement. Inspired by earth, nature, and its striking elements, as well as art and architecture, this collection is designed to transform any room into a grand space. Made of Superior Grade, Hand-Spun New Zealand Wool and Hand-Spun Natural Silk, the collection achieves the highest level of beauty and feel.

Claudia Afshar Design

The rugs are woven in Bhadohi, India, the weaving capital of Southeast Asia. Home to the only university-level degree program for all arts associated with rug weaving, Bhadohi has a sophisticated reputation for having the world’s most skilled weavers, with the finest materials. The key aspect of this collection that makes it unique, is its restrained design sensibility, and the extremely focused colour palettes. With fine details and highest quality creation, the rugs truly set the tone of the space they are placed in. The mix of soft curves, straight lines, organic shapes, and different pile heights makes this collection the perfect combination of contemporary and elegant, and its minimalistic design, warm and earthy tones, and glamorous feel work beautifully in any space.

Claudia Afshar Design

To achieve the natural movement each piece has, Claudia Afshar Design included more wool in some pieces, more silk in others, and used the pile height to separate the details. Sands has a delicate sheen in its movement and echoes the patterns after being struck by waves. Water inspired the Ripples rug, with the elegant patterns made by a rock thrown into a pond. The graduated spacing in the rug is made with darker and lighter hues for a richer depth. Inspired by sheer limestone walls with cracks in the earth is Surfaces; a rug with a few clean and organic lines, mastered with delicate silk, dividing the surface into four asymmetrical quadrants. The Contour rug is designed with generous curves, soft edges, and flawless silhouettes. Its oval shape, extreme pile height, and powerful silhouettes take inspiration from the natural human body, in a minimalistic sense.

Claudia Afshar Design

To add masculine energy to this clean collection, the designs of Steps, Formation and Strokes stem from architecturally inspired elements. Formation features rectangular textured slabs that reflect tiling, with striking abstract lines. The field is constructed of wool and silk, while the lines are recessed silk. Strokes draws reference to a paintbrush full of acrylic paint dragged across the canvas. The tone-on-tone design with two pile heights and separate silk and wool areas embody the organic stroke of a paintbrush, with contrast of depth and thickness in the trail. It tells a story and is a piece of art for the floor. Steps completes the collection, including shadows, depths as well as texture with its varying pile heights and silk in lower areas to create a beautifully curated 3D feel. The straight lines in this design transform any room into a grand and carefully planned space.

Claudia Afshar Design

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