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FOCUS, design by Yuji OKITSU by DCWéditions

DCWéditions have been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

DCWéditions has recently launched a stunning lighting piece that captures the imagination with its poetic and evocative design. Collaborating with Tokyo-based architect Yuji Okitsu, the company sought to create a lighting object that would evoke the same sense of wonder experienced by children when they see soap bubbles floating in the air.


The result is “FOCUS,” a mesmerizing suspension composed of luminescent discs suspended like a mobile. This aerial and poetic luminaire transforms any space it occupies, serving as both a functional light source and a luminous sculpture. The lenses of different sizes in Focus act as magnifying glasses, altering the perception of the environment from different viewpoints, creating a timeless and universally appealing design.

The FOCUS suspension is designed with a kinetic balance reminiscent of classical mobiles, enhanced by the addition of lighting that subtly diffuses through the prism lenses, casting mesmerizing reflections across the room. The luminaire’s visual impact is particularly striking in high-ceiling rooms, where it creates a dramatic and emotive effect.


Beyond its functional and aesthetic attributes, FOCUS invites a reconnection with the sense of wonder that often fades with age. The lighting piece serves as a reminder of the beauty and magic present in the world, capturing the essence of childhood awe.

The design team at DCWéditions succeeded in crafting an emotionally impactful lighting object that transcends its utilitarian purpose. By merging contemporary lighting technology with an imaginative concept inspired by soap bubbles, they have created a truly unique and captivating lighting experience.


FOCUS X4, specifically designed for lower ceilings below 2.50 meters, complements the original designs (X3 and X5 lenses), providing versatility to suit various spatial requirements.

The lighting piece stands as a testament to DCWéditions’ commitment to crafting innovative and thought-provoking designs that elevate the user’s experience of light and space. With FOCUS, they have brought poetry, beauty, and a sense of wonder back into interior design, redefining how lighting can transform and enchant the spaces we inhabit.

Designer: Yuji OKITSU

Developer: Dimitri Lefoulon

Photography: Ian Scigliuzzi, Davis sakne, Clémentine Passet, Pauline Caranton, Vincent Leroux


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