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Finite Solutions

Finite Solutions

Manor House Art Deco Cinema by Finite Solutions

Finite Solutions have been shortlisted for Home Cinema Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

Finite Solutions recently completed a remarkable home cinema project for a client seeking to convert a billiards room into a classic Art Deco screening room without damaging the existing finishes in the space. The challenge was to incorporate reference standard audiovisual performance, a small drinks bar, and electric reclining seats for at least 10 people, while concealing all technology.

Finite Solutions

Overcoming this challenge required innovative solutions, and Finite Solutions delivered on both the aesthetic and technical aspects of the project. They added 12 hidden speakers, acoustic treatments, new lighting, and a staging area without disrupting the existing room. The concept of Art Deco wall panelling, a suspended Art Deco ceiling, and creative wiring allowed them to achieve the desired performance while preserving the room’s finishes.

The attention to detail in this project was exceptional, with every item custom-made to their specifications, including incorporating the property motif into the Deco frameworks and using inlaid metal and walnut in the staging, ceiling, and drinks cabinet, creating a sense of quality throughout.

Finite Solutions

The design not only met the aesthetic brief but also ensured perfect audiovisual positioning of speakers and acoustic treatments, along with optimal viewing angles to the screen, all without any visible technology. Finite Solutions carefully remade the original light switch in the room, linking it to Lutron for simple and effective lighting scenes that complemented the cinema experience.

Throughout the project, attention to detail and a focus on seamlessly integrating technology with the design were key to its success. The client was thrilled with the extremely high-end bespoke finish and the ability to control the room’s technology with traditional switches, emphasizing both form and function.

Finite Solutions

Finite Solutions’ expertise in designing and delivering a home cinema that surpasses the client’s expectations showcases their commitment to creating luxurious and technically advanced spaces that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of their clients.

Location: UK

Designer: Finite Solutions

Photography: Opus Photography

Finite Solutions

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