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Foreshew Design Associates

Beach Bays Cottage by Foreshew Design Associates

Foreshew Design Associates have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

This stunning property by Foreshew Design Associates maximises the views and embraces it’s location with careful consideration. The designers took the clients wishes and turned them into reality by designing a cottage that provides great separation of social and private spaces, along with awareness of it’s surroundings.

Foreshew Design Associates

Beach Bays Cottage is a contemporary lakeside retreat that rises from the Georgian Bay shores and meshes with the surrounding landscape effortlessly. The innovation behind this design was carefully selected to weave with the landscape and offer spectacular views of the lake. The design has impeccable rise and fall when scanning the project longitudinally which helps integrate the design into the surrounding landscape of the Georgian Bay bedrock. This feature also ensures that lake views were granted to all the rooms which the client had requested to have one.

Foreshew Design Associates

The project embraces it’s location and provides a relationship between interior and exterior in each detail of the design. Foreshew Design Associates has given the sunset facing property expansive glass openings and doors to welcome the views as well as an abundance of natural light, ensuring that the ambience of the house remains connected to that of it’s surroundings. The roof lines were designed to rise, graduating from low to high travelling from entrance to lake which maximises the view of the lake and the sky.

Foreshew Design Associates

This design works so well due to the flow between spaces and integration with the landscape. The colours and cadence of the exterior create a peaceful harmony with the landscape which resonates with the interiors. Respectful of the building’s surroundings the design extenuates the landscape rather than the building’s forms. The relationship between the property and the Bay can be found with Foreshew Design Associates’ use of materials and design choices; one of their favourite elements of the project is the ‘floating’ staircase with decorative lighting. The decorative timber frame elements that run from exterior to interior add subtle excellence, and all stone used in the property was hand hewn by Valhalla Stoneworks and harvested on site.

Foreshew Design Associates

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