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Gabriel Scott

Luna A-Series by Gabriel Scott

Gabriel Scott have been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

“LUNA A” is the first release in the new Gabriel Scott product class, named the “A-SERIES” by the studio. This introduction of eight new lighting fixtures is based on the coveted design of the existing Luna light, a favourite choice for international architects and designers. Designed to complement any environment, the perfect balance of the colours and shading creates magic behind each piece, which is why the work of expert glassblowers is crucial in the creation of this series.

Gabriel Scott

In keeping with the tradition of exquisite craftsmanship for which the studio is known, the “LUNA A” paves the way for an innovative approach to accessible luxury. Bold and striking in its design, the new range continues Gabriel Scott’s signature geometric, modular, and strong architectural lines which combine delicate coloured glass with metal hardware. Inspired by a lunar halo, the elegant shapes of Luna A’s mouth-blown glass reference the moon’s diffused light and soft glow. This allusive play of light is rendered through a coordinated stacking of glass forms blown by master artisans in various gradients of coloured glass. Warm copper, espresso, grey and variations of rose glass play beautifully with customised metallic elements, and are accented with natural marble in some designs.

Gabriel Scott

Founder and Principal Designer Scott Richler distilled the most beautiful elements of his iconic Luna design into this cost-effective new range. The collection has been produced by Gabriel Scott to satisfy the demand for a more affordable range of architectural lighting products which can be specified more easily throughout residential projects, restaurants and hotels. The LUNA A Series is a perfect balance between lines and curves, and between classic and modern design. This line of beautiful gems can be installed to complement in any environment – from a truly upscale hotel to a penthouse apartment to a traditional house setting – and captivates the eyes in a soft way.

Gabriel Scott

The new “LUNA A-SERIES” incorporates three different sconce designs (from $700 USD), a marble-based table lamp (from $900 USD), and two pendant designs (from $1100 USD). Options include black, brass, or bronze hardware, and smoked or bronze glass. Despite the lower price points, each piece will be hand-assembled in Gabriel Scott’s 30,000 square foot Montreal studio and the glass components are hand-blown by their talented glass blower who lives and works in Quebec’s countryside.

Gabriel Scott

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