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Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors

Churchill View by Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £150,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

Clive Christian Interiors has recently completed an exceptional bespoke kitchen project in a magnificent Victorian home located in Cheshire. The grand residence underwent a complete refurbishment by its new owners, who extended the kitchen and incorporated a leisure facility. This substantial three-year project by Clive Christian Nantwich involved numerous structural changes to the space, including the meticulous repair of original features, window and door relocations, and beam adjustments. The atrium was thoughtfully repositioned to sit over the island, enhancing the sense of symmetry, light, and spaciousness.

Clive Christian Interiors

The clients entrusted Clive Christian Interiors to create bespoke cabinetry in white, based on the renowned Architectural Collection. The design also incorporated a breakfast bar area with stools at the timber island, providing a casual dining option. To accommodate family gatherings and informal get-togethers, a large dining table was included, alongside a comfortable seating area for relaxation and socializing.

Integrating technology into the kitchen was a priority for the clients, leading them to select Sub Zero & Wolf appliances. The kitchen features a spacious fridge/freezer, two ovens, a combination microwave, a steam oven, and a hob with four large gas rings and a hot plate/Plancha. Traditional taps in a gold finish beautifully complement the sinks, which are clad in the same stone as the worktops. Additional design elements include a tall larder, a glazed glassware area, and a bespoke temperature-controlled wine room, which adds a unique feature to the kitchen.

Clive Christian Interiors

Symmetry, proportion, and balance were essential considerations for the client. The large mantle is balanced by elegant coving and cabinets on each side, while the atrium takes center stage above the island below. A carefully placed large larder sits neatly between two pilasters, harmonizing the overall design. The wine room was intricately designed to complement the glazed dressers, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

The impressive scale of the space, achieved through meticulous structural changes, is further enhanced by the contrasting elements of the large white mantle and the dark brown walnut island, which serves as a bold focal point in the room. Beams and other elements were modified to suit the property’s character and create a more open and inviting atmosphere. The addition of the atrium, carefully sized and positioned, perfectly complements the kitchen island.

Clive Christian Interiors

Central to the room’s design are the feature lanterns, which serve as a natural centerpiece, providing structure and highlighting different areas within the space. They accentuate the grand mantle area, emphasize the remarkable spaciousness of the room, and allow warmth and light to permeate throughout, creating an inviting and elegant ambiance.

Clive Christian Interiors has once again showcased their expertise in creating exquisite kitchen designs, where meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of client preferences come together to transform spaces into stunning culinary sanctuaries.

Location: Cheshire, UK

Photography: ZacandZac

Clive Christian Interiors

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