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MAD group

Professional Athlete Apartment by MAD group

MAD group have been shortlisted for City Space – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Initially, the apartment had an absolutely illogical circular layout and non-standard geometry, such a layout does not allow maximum use of the space, making the process of finding and installing furniture rather difficult. It is problematic to fit it with standard furniture, since in a room of irregular shape any sizeable object with right angles will significantly reduce the space, and not only visually.

MAD group

The apartment is divided into two zones: private and shared. The private area is set up just for two people and is decorated in dark colours, including the bedroom, the spa bathroom and the walk-in closet. These two zones merge smoothly into each other, united by sliding glass partitions. In the bedroom area you plunge into a completely different world, MAD group implemented an interesting idea in the SPA zone. In the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom, they installed a see-through fireplace, which creates a window and allows you to break some intimacy between the bathroom and the bedroom through the flickering flame.

Not wanting to allocate a separate area for the kitchen, the team have hidden it in a free-standing cube that works from three sides: a kitchen, built-in Gaggenau appliances and cabinets and a wine refrigerator. The secret of this kitchen is that it is closed with roller shutters.

MAD group

MAD group were faced with an almost impossible task of planning the living room, given the client’s desire to have as much open space as possible. One of the requests was for the sofa area to be located opposite the panoramic windows in order to enjoy the views of evening Kyiv, but at the same time there should be an opportunity to watch TV, they solved the issue with the TV by a motorised elevator, which slides down from the ceiling.

Considering that the interior is quite modern and dynamic, the team wanted to add some delicacy and harmony, natural warmth. They used only natural materials: contrasting marble, stucco wall panels, Macassar wood and the noble luster of brass. 

MAD group

MAD group

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