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BDM Architects

Northern Exposure by BDM Architects

BDM Architects have been shortlisted for Residential Project Value £2.5m – £5m in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

BDM Architects embarked on a truly exceptional project, where they challenged conventional notions of residential design. The fundamental concept of perceiving the entire lot as an interconnected “house” as opposed to the object placed on the lot, is part of the design studio’s DNA and reflects their innovative and transformative approach. This shift in thinking not only enables new possibilities but also promotes a more open and fluid floor plan for the residence.

BDM Architects

The project pushed the boundaries of this concept to its limits, resulting in the creation of a captivating “Mediterranean village” that seamlessly connects various elements, including the main house, dining room, and guest house, through the use of Corten pergolas and landscape walls. By dividing the mass, BDM Architects skilfully crafted distinct experiences within the property, such as dedicated living spaces, service areas, a luxurious master bedroom, a children’s wing, a welcoming dining room, and a comfortable guest room.

The designers ingeniously incorporated open-air patios between these divisions, which they refer to as “exterior rooms,” each serving a unique purpose, such as an inviting entrance, a serene green private space, or a delightful outdoor dining and living area. These open areas change by seasons and extend the barriers of the indoor spaces. The design of the house was created by definition of degrees of openness. The corner streets on the south and east had barriers of landscape walls limiting the views inside, while the north and west were opened completely for endless views. These open spaces dynamically evolve with the changing seasons, seamlessly extending the boundaries of the indoor spaces and inviting the natural world to become an integral part of daily life.

BDM Architects
BDM Architects

One particular highlight of this project is that is allows the residents to truly immerse themselves in nature, intimately experiencing the ever-changing seasons. This integration of the wider environment is achieved through the notion of an “Anti-Mass” house, where the design provides a sense of constant transformation and an organic connection to the surroundings. Living in this extraordinary residence is akin to inhabiting in a secluded village, offering unparalleled privacy and a harmonious balance with nature.

The specialised skills required for the project were truly exceptional. The owner of the house, who owns a steel factory, presented a wonderful opportunity for collaboration within the project. Recognising the gift that comes from having the client actively participate in building their own home, the designers embraced this unique circumstance. The process of involving the client intimately in the construction created a deep sense of personal attachment to the residence.

BDM Architects

Architect/ Interior Designer: Eran Binderman

Photographer: Shai Gil

BDM Architects

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