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Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors

Orchard Lane by Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £100,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

Clive Christian Interiors completed a remarkable bespoke kitchen project for a large 1990s country retreat located in Manchester. The oak-framed, brick house underwent meticulous renovations with a focus on contemporary styling, providing the perfect canvas for Clive Christian’s innovative design.

Clive Christian Interiors

The client, an individual well-known for hosting and entertaining, expressed the desire to create a kitchen that would facilitate social gatherings and intimate conversations. Considering the client’s passion for home cooking and healthy eating, as well as having young children, the kitchen’s layout was carefully planned to accommodate their needs and foster quality family time.

The kitchen’s distinctive charm lies in the expertly commissioned Clive Christian cabinetry, featuring bespoke doors crafted from the Architectural Collection. This resulted in a truly unique kitchen, blending contemporary style with subtle classical details. The focal point of the kitchen is a magnificent black walnut island paired with a complementary tall appliance housing, also in black walnut. The striking stone worktops and cool-white cabinetry further accentuate the room’s sense of spaciousness.

Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors creatively addressed the client’s desire for an alternative to a traditional mantle by locating the hob on the island, adjacent to the oven, and concealing the extractor in a clever dropped-down ceiling feature. This layout not only enhances the flow and openness of the space but also allows the host to interact with guests while preparing food.

The kitchen boasts top-of-the-line Miele appliances, including a large integrated fridge/freezer with an ice maker, combination appliances, ovens, and steam appliances, all conveniently positioned near the induction hob for easy cooking. A sleek wine cooler unit with a black glass front adds both functionality and display appeal, perfectly placed close to the dining area.

Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian’s expertise extends beyond the cabinetry, as they also designed and crafted bespoke freestanding items, such as a marquetry coffee table and a dining table. Their attention to detail continued in assisting with the color palette and soft furnishings, creating a striking yet balanced impact when entering the room.

The colour palette features the stunning contrast of soft black walnut against cool-white cabinetry, while subtle touches of red throughout the kitchen, in the form of piping on cushions and upholstery elements, bring life and character to the space. Clive Christian Interiors’ exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to fulfilling their client’s vision resulted in a truly extraordinary kitchen design that seamlessly blends modern comfort with timeless elegance.

Clive Christian Interiors

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