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Marble Marble on the Wall by Purpur GmbH interior concepts

Purpur GmbH interior concepts have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Marble, marble on the wall – An elegant, brave and adventurous design, which is reflected in every little corner of the apartment. The design fits the reputation of the city of Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a banking city, with high-rise buildings, businesspeople, expensive and noble apartments and the hotel industry. The apartment reflects these attributes, such as luxury, variety or hospitality, among others of the city and transforms it into an open and at the same time cosy living atmosphere.

The family’s rambling existing building from 2008 was completely renovated and opened up, all walls were taken out and started all over again. The owner wanted a representative apartment without closing walls and doors. The only two doors in the entire apartment, is the door to the children’s room and the door to the guest toilet. Upon entering the apartment, in Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen district, one is greeted by generously designed wall surfaces, all of which are covered with marble, dark wood and mirrors. 

The individual areas flow into one another, becoming closets, shoe racks or openly designed bathrooms. Room dividers made of velvet or a mirrored cabinet with brass frames define the zones. In the custom kitchen, the same materiality prevails as in the entire apartment, it is hardly perceived as a kitchen, but as part of the living space. Again and again the strict materials are alternated through details such as brass joints, velvet fabrics and decorative pendant lights.

Purpur GmbH interior concepts believe that the best aspect of the apartment is the given privacy without existing doors. In addition, the welcoming and noble atmosphere clearly stands out due to the materials. The choice of these materials also help the design of the apartment to harmonise so well; Hard and soft surfaces as well as marble, brass, glass, dark wood and velvet alternate and create a beautiful balance.

Purpur GmbH interior concepts

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