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Ryan Hughes Design Build

Ryan Hughes Design Build

Carmel Estate by Ryan Hughes Design Build

Ryan Hughes Design Build have been shortlisted for Residential Swimming Pool Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

The project aims to showcase the design sensibilities and functionality of the outdoor living area, and it does so in an extraordinary way. The outdoor spaces of many homes are now being designed as the primary living area, and this is no exception with Carmel Estate. Ryan Hughes Design Build created a canvas for which the sky was the limit, and they incorporated wow factors such as water columns, fire features, and cantilevered structures.

Ryan Hughes Design Build

The project reflects the client’s wishes for an over-the-top, wild design style that also doubles as a venue for hosting events with up to 1,000 people. The outdoor area is defined by depth, texture, and shifts in elevation that accommodate and define the home’s overall aesthetic. The design encompasses the entire property, and in total, four different bodies of water are built throughout, each serving a different purpose. As one sees aerial shots of the property, they can feel the importance of each outdoor living area and understand how the massive features contribute to the scale of the entire space.

One of the most impressive features of the swimming pool design is the water column that pushes 550 gallons of water per minute into a 280-foot lazy river. This wow factor can be seen from every angle of the space and is illuminated with an LED ring at its centre. The verticality of the cantilever structure defines the mass of the large outdoor living space, but it is the accompanying details that complete the space to its full potential. Lighting, colour, textures, and landscaping bring this Master Works project to its full potential.

Ryan Hughes Design Build

Adjacent to the water column is an element that reflects the client’s interest in entertaining. Ryan Hughes Design Build created a cantilever pavilion to house an entertainment lounge area, as well as a full outdoor kitchen with a swim-up bar. The swim-up bar anchors one end of the structure, while the other exhibits a massive sunken fire pit at the mouth of the lazy river. As visitors move through the space, the rooms guide them from feature to feature.

Overall, the swimming pool design project at Carmel Estate is a testament to Ryan Hughes Design Build’s exceptional design capabilities. The team has created an outstanding design that captures the client’s personality while also creating a functional and visually stunning outdoor living area. The combination of wow factors, vibrant colours, and impressive details make this project a Master Works piece that showcases the best of what the design industry has to offer.

Ryan Hughes Design Build

Designer: Ryan Hughes Design

Photography: Seth Balogh

Ryan Hughes Design Build

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