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And Design Co

Sonshine Villa by And Design Co

And Design Co have been shortlisted for Living Space – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.

The Chennai-based residence, spanning approximately 10,500 sq. ft., stands as a true masterpiece in the heart of the city. It’s blank canvas became a playground for a myriad of innovative ideas, allowing the designers at And Design Co. to craft a multi-generational abode that effortlessly blends textures, materials, tones, and timeless traditions. 

And Design Co

The entire architectural narrative revolves around the enchanting dance of sunlight over a palette of primary colour undertones, orchestrating a seamless transition from soft and warm to bold and strong. Opulence echoes through the residence, courtesy of striking exotic marbles and captivating gold finishes. Indian crafts, rustic mosaics, and ethnic artefacts sprinkle a touch of nostalgia throughout the spaces, creating a timeless and surprising environment, permeated with pieces of art all around the house.

The heart of this exquisite dwelling lies within the living space, where personalised touches cater to the preferences of each individual resident. Neutrals and plush fabrics exude quaint charm while expertly positioned ancient relics, such as the Burmese medicine box, Andhra beetle leaf box, vintage South-Indian rice spoons, and an array of exquisite handicrafts, infuse character and soul into every area.

And Design Co

While aesthetics reign supreme, the practicality of Chennai’s climate has not been overlooked. Perimeter garden walls encircle the villa, influencing the interior temperature, vital in a city known for its year-round heat. Purposeful floor-to-ceiling glass walls adorn the north-eastern side of the house, embracing it in a radiant honey glow, brilliantly capturing the play of natural light.

Task lighting was thoughtfully integrated to accentuate each area’s unique ambiance. Unobtrusive lighting adds to the allure, creating a gallery-like sensation with narrow beams of light that elegantly accentuate the carefully curated pieces of art adorning the residence.

And Design Co

Location: Chennai, India

Architect: Mr. Rupesh Baid

Interior Designer: Mrs. Archana Baid

And Design Co

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