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Dana Oberson Architects Ltd

Six Senses Shacharut Interior Design by Dana Oberson Architects Ltd

Dana Oberson Architects Ltd & Plesner Architects were the winners of the Hotel Suite – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023.

Dana Oberson Architects Ltd was commissioned to undertake the interior design, FF&E, material selection, custom details, and carpentry design for a unique resort located in Israel. Taking a holistic approach, the firm sought to incorporate the desert surroundings and architecture planned by Plesner Architects into the interior design scheme. Collaboration with several local artists was pursued to create a contemporary Nabatien design using local materials and color combinations.

Dana Oberson Architects Ltd

The integration of top-notch technology into the resort while maintaining a seamless design was a critical element of the design process. The resort’s hidden technology was carefully incorporated within the overall design, enhancing the guest experience. The strong connection between the resort’s location, architecture, and interior design was achieved through a comprehensive design process. The result is a harmonious and unified resort, fully integrated with its surrounding environment.

To design the resort, Dana Oberson Architects Ltd employed a deep knowledge and understanding of various artisan skills. The most challenging aspect of the design process was the creation of a design that seamlessly blended in with its surroundings. This required a thorough understanding of the traditional artisan methods used hundreds of years ago, and the creation of innovative methods to achieve the same look and feel in a contemporary way.

Dana Oberson Architects Ltd

In conclusion, Dana Oberson Architects Ltd successfully executed the interior design for the unique resort in Israel. The resort’s strong connection with its location and environment is evident, making it a truly harmonious and integrated resort.

Dana Oberson Architects Ltd

Location: Israel

Architect: Plesner Architects

Interior Designer: Plesner Architects in collaboration with Dana Oberson Architects 

Hotel Group : Six Senses

Construction Company: Electra Danko

Photography: Asaf Pinchuk

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