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The International Hotel & Property Awards – Testimonials


Contour Interior Design
Because of this meticulous and masterly award process, the International Hotel & Property awards is a reliable and trusted source for finding the best talent in the industry. Being acknowledged by this award means that your company has achieved one of the highest honors in the hospitality sector.

Rottet Studio
The International Hotel & Property Awards are always tremendously exciting due to the expansive talent present in the winning entries from all across the globe. To be considered amongst designers that are paving the path to today’s leading design world would be a true honor. The awards also offer an attractive array of PR opportunities.

The International Hotel & Property Awards offer an invaluable opportunity to gain international recognition for our interior design work from our peers, colleagues and friends across the world.

EDG Interior Architecture & Design
The International Hotel and Property Awards recognizes outstanding hospitality design innovation which directly aligns with one of our mission statements. Being named one of the best in our industry would be a satisfying accomplishment for EDG.

Maybourne Hotel Group
It is a prestigious award and a valuable opportunity to receive recognition for the passion and dedication to design.

Bishop Design
It is a great privilege to receive recognition from The International Hotel & Property Awards as they remain as the purest epitome of excellence within the interior design industry. The awards are an integral driving force behind our motivation to complete revolutionary projects, and to have the opportunity to share a selection of our finest work for the third consecutive year is a true honour.

Meyer Davis
The International Hotel and Property awards creates global recognition to design firms worldwide. Not only are the awards rewarding, but they create a platform to learn more about the work of our peers, as well as seeing our work shared within the community that we work in. What we admire about the International Design & Architecture Awards is they set a high bar and are truly looking for talent. They operate strictly on merit, not popularity.

Ronald Lu & Partners
The way that the International Hotel & Property awards decides winners are fairer than the other awards. Our projects not only can be judged on a non-biased base but also be promoted in a very effective way. We believe this opportunity can help us get more exposure on the world stage. And it’s an honor for our project to be recognized by the awards itself.

Soho House Design
The International Hotel & Property is a prestigious award and a great opportunity to showcase our studio’s work within the industry and to the global community and to hopefully achieve recognition for something we feel very passionate about.

WATG & Wimberly Interiors
Celebrating the best in design, the International Hotel & Property Awards is an incredible opportunity to promote our work, reach a luxury global audience of potential clients, guests and industry professionals, and share the tremendous achievement of all parties involved, particularly our client who had the vision and drive to deliver this project.

A Work of Substance
Not only is the International Hotel & Property awards a highly reputable award, the potential extensive reach of our work throughout the world is powerful.

Aside from its reputation… 4Space believes that The International Hotel & Property Awards is the best platform to share design expertise and market our company globally. Especially now that the competition in the design industry is very tough. We need The International Hotel & Property Awards to promote interior design studios like us that will put our name on the pedestal and will serve as an inspiration to fellow designers.

More Design Office
The International Hotel and Property Awards acknowledges the very best of luxury design. With world renowned set of industry professionals and previous winners, to be recognized for this award would mean our project and office can join a very exclusive and celebrated club.

The International Hotel & Property Awards platform promotes and celebrates the latest and the best ever-excelling global hospitality industry.

Virserius Studio
We have been honored by the International Hotel & Property Awards in the past, having won in the Lobby/Public Space category a few years ago. The prestige and attention the win carried a great sense of pride for us and for the hotel owners/operators. It assures them that they can expect great transformations when working with us. Even being shortlisted is a great honor as we know we stand among the top firms and projects in the world. We hope for success this year.

The International Hotel & Property Awards are very important for recognition of design excellence. With the peer voting system, the award winners can feel privileged to have won the votes of fellow designers and design enthusiasts.

Cuaik Arquitectos
Why are the Awards important? Because of the importance they have worldwide. It would be an honor for us to become part of its family.

Flick Mars
The International Hotel and Property Awards play a major key in the design world. They allow designers and firms to be showcased in categories of projects that people may not be aware of. Sharing our designs with the world is exciting and inspiring!

Hart Howerton
This award program is an exciting opportunity to highlight not just our firm’s work – but the incredible work designed internationally. This program means a lot to our firm in the sense that it is an exciting opportunity to meet and compete with some of the world’s best hospitality and property designers.

Kobi Karp Architecture & Design
We strongly find an importance and responsibility, as a design firm, to share our work in such a great international platform like design et al. It is essential to be aware of the ultimate design trends, not only in your immediate environment but globally; as well as, the idea of having a chance to inspire other designers as they inspire us is truly an amazing opportunity.

Why are the Awards important? They give both industry and public recognition to talent, celebrating the very best of today’s designers.

The International Hotel & Property Awards are important, because they help to identify, highlight and reward excellence throughout the global hospitality industry. The Award is a great recognition of designers efforts to leave lasting impressions on people’s lives.

MQ Studio (Shanghai)
The International Hotel & Property Awards are recognised as an industry standard of excellence in the design field for both hospitality and property design.

Scott Brownrigg
We really wanted to showcase our project and have it featured on a platform as prestigious as The International Hotel & Property Awards. The calibre of past winners show how important these Awards are to the design and hospitality sectors. The Awards give hotels across the world recognition. This is important to us, as we want to be up against the best projects in Europe and Internationally.

STUDIOS Architecture
The International Hotel & Property Awards celebrate great design at the service of its occupants and bring exceptional projects under the spotlight. The unique voting process ensures strong visibility, showcasing projects that have a story to tell to a large international audience and that can serve the industry as a whole. It helps to promote the work of designers within the industry and to celebrate innovative and lasting solutions.

Mastrominas Architecture
The fact that the judgement is made by a great number of members of the hotel and design industry professionals and not by a panel, enhances the publicity and promotion of the projects to the wide construction, design and hospitality business community.

Stylt Trampoli AB
For Stylt, The International Hotel & Property Awards creates great exposure in the right channels – for us, our clients and the very project itself. Instead of being the result of a small traditional expert jury, we see the Awards as the voice of the hospitality business itself. It offers great inspiration within the business, helping to push the ambitions and boundaries of fantastic design.

Dexter Moren Associates
The voting process makes  The International Hotel & Property Awards stand out in the industry. The opportunity to showcase our work to both industry professionals and design et al readers is unique, and makes the recognition of the Awards even more special.

Harrison Design
The International Hotel & Property Awards provide the perfect global stage, underpinned by a strong ethos to support and develop the design sector with a robust voting process, to recognise and reward creative and design excellence.

The International Hotel & Property Awards  gives every designer an equal voice to showcase their hard work and dedication to the industry. The fact that even the judging is carried out by various people from all over the submitted projects, not only exposes the designs to different regions but allows other regions to see what the rest of the world is doing.

The International Hotel & Property Awards brings together the best in international design across multiple categories of hotel and design disciplines and motivates the international design community.

Silverfox Studios
The International Hotel & Property Awards in conjunction with design et al allow a showcase for new, innovative and creative work. The industry understands that you take an unbiased and fair look at both the design work as well as the firm. Furthermore to be shortlisted for these awards or to win an award allows for a wider audience to be exposed to the firm and their work.

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