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HKS Architects

AutoCamp Joshua Tree by HKS Architects

HKS Architects have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023.

HKS Architects has skilfully designed a boutique resort nestled in the captivating landscape of Joshua Tree. Embracing the simplicity of small-space design, the resort harmoniously integrates with the natural desert surroundings, accentuating their inherent beauty. The architectural style pays homage to the town’s eclectic charm while adding a touch of mid-century modern elegance. By thoughtfully employing raw and native materials, the design engenders texture and rusticity, evoking a nostalgic sentiment reminiscent of authentic camping experiences.

HKS Architects

The interior of the Clubhouse tastefully incorporates locally inspired hospitality and modern elements. The project incorporates passive design principles, including strategic building orientation to shield from winter winds and harness summer breezes, incorporating shading elements on all facades, maximizing interior daylight, and employing simple yet elegant architectural forms.

A paramount design objective was to foster both privacy and community within the property. The Airstream campsites cultivate intimate moments and seclusion, while shared spaces such as firepits, a plunge pool, and interactive programming organized by Autocamp encourage guests to engage with each other. 

HKS Architects

In harmony with the natural ethos of the surroundings, AutoCamp Joshua Tree has been meticulously designed to minimize its environmental impact. The resort incorporates low water usage, native plantings, xeriscaping techniques to minimize irrigation, on-site water treatment facilities, extensive reliance on solar power, and dark sky-compliant lighting to preserve the awe-inspiring view of the starry night sky. 

Artisan-crafted items showcased throughout the property reflect the artistic spirit of Joshua Tree, complementing the overall neutral color palette. Pottery, hand-painted murals, and sculptural elements embody the essence of the local community, with its vibrant arts scene and appreciation for nature. Various mediums are represented, including pottery inspired by the Cahuilla and Mojave indigenous styles, captivating mural designs, and a woven leather tapestry reminiscent of fringe on a jacket. Despite their distinctiveness, these art pieces harmoniously weave together, creating a cohesive design narrative.

HKS Architects

While guests are likely to spend their days exploring the wonders of Joshua Tree, they can also unwind and enjoy the breath-taking views in and around the Clubhouse. The furniture strikes a balance between comfort and durability, designed to withstand varying weather conditions. Relaxing on poolside lounge chairs, guests can savour the mesmerizing sunsets, creating a beautiful conclusion to their day.

Location: California

Architect: HKS Architects

Interior Designer: Narrative Design Studio

Hotel Group: Autocamp 

Photography: Matt Kisiday

HKS Architects

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