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Dawson Design Associates

Hotel Ziggy by Dawson Design Associates

Dawson Design Associates was the Winner of Lobby/Public Areas – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2022.

The new Hotel Ziggy is changing the conversation on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. In a neighbourhood where glamour, luxury and celebrities are revered, there is another sound being heard. A rebellious newcomer is challenging the neighbourhood of posh hotels now lining this illustrious block of Sunset Boulevard.

Dawson Design Associates

Hotel Ziggy and its modern counter-culture spin is where music, grit and creativity along with more than a little rock and roll history come to life. Embracing differences and challenging conformity, the hotels unpretentiously informal attitude encourages both guests and locals to come and hang out with a friendly mantra of ‘just be who you are’. The last standing rebel on the block, Hotel Ziggy is a fusion of cocktail lounge, pizza joint and lobby, the hotel guest’s check-in is a friendly and inviting bar lined with hundreds of vinyl albums. Albums covering every kind of progressive music genre. The lively record player behind the front desk, constantly spinning, can be heard throughout the space.

Dawson Design Associates

A garage door with glass windows partially closes off one end of the lobby for private events and to serve as a live music ‘pop-up’ venue to support local musicians, inviting them to come and share their sound and offering them a space to rise above the noise. Layers of decoupaged walls and ceilings celebrate the musicians of both past and present, while a collection of memorabilia includes framed years of legal documents highlighting lawsuits between musicians, producers and streamers with the intent of asking the controversial question – ‘Who really owns the music?’ The Ziggy’s goal is to trigger lively conversations and in doing so, connect people. Hotel Ziggy’s position is clear for all to hear – Free the Music. A celebration of the rebellious spirit and ingenuity of norm-breaking musicians who have changed how we live today. Powerful street murals wrap the exterior of the building and main lobby spaces, expressing the vitality and rebelliousness of the music scene.

Dawson Design Associates

Dawson Design Associates

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