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Living Design of Sweden

Zurich Marriott Hotel by Living Design of Sweden

Living Design of Sweden have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023.

The Greatroom at the Zürich Marriott Hotel has been masterfully transformed into an oasis of connection and social relations. Drawing inspiration from the nearby Zürich main railway station, the design harmoniously merges modern lifestyle demands with timeless elegance. 

Living Design of Sweden

The multi-functional open space is skilfully divided by railway track-inspired partitions, offering privacy without sacrificing connectivity. This is the pulse of the hotel, encompassing the reception, lobby lounge, and the bar.

Living Design of Sweden has ingeniously crafted a space that evolves throughout the day, adapting to various needs and moods. The central bar serves as the focal point, encouraging free movement of guests and staff alike. From morning breakfast and coffee service to afternoon cocktails and a relaxed lobby environment, this space seamlessly transforms with the back-bar area opening or closing to suit the time of day.

Living Design of Sweden

The fresh colour scheme, inspired by the natural and urban surroundings, infuses the Greatroom with a calm and harmonious ambiance. Light grey and beige serve as a calming base, complemented by royal blue, tan, and golden tones. Luxurious materials like brass, faux leather, engineered stone, and wood are thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring sustainability criteria are met without compromising opulence.

This transformation has elevated the Greatroom into a destination in its own right. The open yet carefully zoned layout caters to the opposing needs of privacy and human connection, work, and socialising. From the majestic brass ceiling to the thoughtful selection of lighting features, every detail exudes sophistication.

Living Design of Sweden

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Interior Designer: Living Design of Sweden

Hotel Group: Marriott

Living Design of Sweden

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