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David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

NARA-YA by David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC was the Winner of Restaurant – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2022.

Nara-Ya is a high-end Japanese sushi restaurant located in Washington D.C., designed by David Chenault and inspired by the weird and wonderful. It is non-conforming yet chic and timeless. When approached by the owners to design a new Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant, there was a specific design brief to create an entirely unconventional space for what would otherwise be a traditional Japanese eatery. Nara-Ya’s design personality is androgynous and non-conforming. The project is an emotion that stirs all five senses; it is chic, bold, trendy, yet timeless.

David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

Nara-Ya begins by following old school rules but then bends them to fit its will. Ultimately, it demands to be seen and seeks to stir one’s innermost thoughts. The project opens with glamour, greeting guests right up front with the message that it is not afraid to make a bold statement. It is a modern layered mix of print and textures that has many organic elements of nature. The entry, known as “The Salmon,” is a four-sided entry box that one walks through to enter. Guests are venturing into the sea, with an air of sophistication and shades of a green characteristic of the sub-aquatic world. Guests are invited to get lost in the lovely contrast of pretty shells, pink fish, and seahorses. An iron railing is based on Kintsugi: the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken items by mending them with other metals. Behind the hostess station, recycled woods form the basis for the shoji doors, used for coat check and storage.

David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

The main dining banquettes are built using antique blanket chests and upholstered fabric with elaborate horizontal patterns of floral motifs, scrolling leaves, and trellis work in a chinoiserie style, echoing a geisha’s kimono. The main dining room lighting is a modern take on lanterns and is based on natural elements. The VIP Banquettes is home to Yin and Yang, Geisha Girls by Artist George Henry. The focal point is the bar, which offers a stunning panoramic view of a Japanese country landscape filled with flowing streams and dreamlike cherry blossoms. It is a visual fantasy showcasing an explosive festival of colour and delights, accented by love potion pendants by Miami Artist Nick Alan.

David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

The bold and elevated interior design created by David Anthony Chenault is a syncopated extension of the cuisine, where dishes are also presented with drama on the level of an art form and sensorial visual experience.

David Anthony Chenault Interior Design LLC

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