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PPHE Hotel Group

Studio Moren

art’otel London Battersea Power Station by PPHE Hotel Group

PPHE Hotel Group, Foster & Partners, Studio Moren, Jamie Hayon were the winners of the Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023.

The UK’s first art’otel is bold, playful and colourful. Designed by Jaime Hayon to become a hub for art and creativity, and inspired by the Power Station’s history, heritage and future.

PPHE Hotel Group

PPHE Hotel Group has successfully completed an exceptional hotel project that breaks away from the typical hospitality mold and reflects the distinctive energy of the art’otel brand. The brief was to create an exciting new hospitality and arts venue situated in the heart of a new cultural quarter in London.

Art is an integral part of the art’otel brand, and the design company understood the importance of seamlessly integrating art and design into the guest experience. The design needed to complement and enhance the overall ambiance, allowing guests to immerse themselves in art as much or as little as they desired.

PPHE Hotel Group

Upon entering the hotel, guests are transported into a living work of art, where playful surrealism and thoughtful luxury intertwine. Every aspect of the interior design has been meticulously crafted, from the custom-designed furniture elements to the vibrant and energetic color palette. The space exudes a unique personality, unlike anything guests have seen before. It is a place where design, art, and creativity converge, creating a dream-like atmosphere. The interior is adorned with a stunning array of paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, and tapestries, further enhancing the immersive experience.

Endless custom-designed furniture and lighting elements are seamlessly integrated with the captivating artworks throughout the hotel. Artistic expression lies at the core of the interior design, and each area of the hotel tells an innovative artistic narrative.

PPHE Hotel Group

In alignment with the identity of the new Battersea Power Station neighborhood, the interior design and art project take guests on a captivating journey, offering a new and visionary hotel experience in London. The design captivates and draws people in, establishing the hotel as a hub of creativity, community, and unforgettable experiences. It not only caters to hotel guests but also serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

PPHE Hotel Group has successfully brought together art, design, and hospitality, creating a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on every guest.

Interior Designer: Jaime Hayon

Architect: Foster + Partners (External), Studio Moren (Internal)

Hotel Group: PPHE Hotel Group

Construction: Sir Robert McAlpine

Associated: Battersea Power Station Development Corporation

Photography: Klunderbie, Matthew Shaw

PPHE Hotel Group

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