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Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Sheraton Kagoshima by Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design have been shortlisted for Hotel Design – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2023.

Incorporating a common concept that artfully fuses traditional Japanese customs and local Kagoshima traditions with contemporary Western styles, the renowned interior designer Crème, operating under Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design, has undertaken the creation of Sheraton Kagoshima—a distinctive establishment and the inaugural internationally branded hotel in the region.

Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Nestled in the picturesque coastal city of Kyushu, Sheraton Kagoshima boasts an array of captivating features, including an animated lobby, multiple dining venues offering all-day options, an izakaya, a signature restaurant and bar on the top floor, an indulgent spa and hot spring, a club lounge, a café, and versatile special event spaces, among which a bridal salon and lounge stand out. Each of these public spaces has been expertly designed by CRÈME to flawlessly encapsulate the harmonious blending of the locality’s traditional Japanese heritage with the contemporary allure of Western designs.

Endeavoring to craft an unforgettable experience for both local patrons and guests of Sheraton Kagoshima, CRÈME’s design team delved into the rich tapestry of Kagoshima’s culture, skillfully weaving elements from its history and traditions into the hotel’s aesthetics. The outcome is a space that radiates warmth, inviting comfort while exuding a refined ambiance. 

Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Standing as a testament to the successful union of traditional Japanese customs and contemporary Western aesthetics, Sheraton Kagoshima embodies a singular and immersive experience that reverberates with the echoes of local culture. 

Marking the brand’s 150th property in the Asia-Pacific region, Sheraton Kagoshima stands as a milestone in the global transformation journey of Sheraton, proudly exemplifying the brand’s modernized design concept. CRÈME’s expertise and ingenuity have culminated in a masterpiece that harmoniously marries the richness of tradition with the allure of the contemporary, truly elevating the hotel experience for discerning travellers and locals alike.

Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Location: Japan

Architect: MEC Design International (AOR), Mitsubishi Jisho, Dai Kenchiku Design (Building Design)

Interior Design: Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Hotel Group/Developer: Marriott International 

Construction Company: Obayashi Corporation, Nomura Co ltd.

Photography: Taran Wikhu

Crème / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

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