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Strickland Inc

Strickland Inc

Thermal Spring by Strickland Inc

Strickland Inc. have been shortlisted for Spa / Spa Hotel Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2022.

Thermal Spring Spa is located in Kyoto, in the center area of Japan’s mainland. Kyoto has a long history, serving as the capital of Japan for more than 1200 years. In this vibrant city, Marriott International opened Hotel The Mistui Kyoto as part of the Luxury Collection with the concept of “inheritance and birth”.

Strickland Inc

Thermal Spring is positioned at the basement of the hotel inside the Thermal Spring Spa facility. Thermal Spring is an onsen, natural hot spring pool, with various amenities such as Jacuzzi, heat recliner, steam sauna and rain shower. The water comes from natural source, sprung from 1000m underground Kyoto’s aquifer. It is the only luxury property in Kyoto city center with its own natural spring source.

Strickland Inc

The space is surrounded by bedrocks that resembles Kyoto’s underground aquifer where guests can relax physically and mentally in this faintly dark space. Only the sound of tranquil water echoes through this mystical space, leading one’s mind into the world of meditation. There are other enjoyable features in the spa area such as spa & treatment room, gym, relaxation room and private room with a hot spring.

The grand objective of Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, to provide a “tailor-made experience that can be experienced only at this hotel”, became the framework for Thermal Spring’s concept. Strickland Inc’s main objective was about preserving the memory of this land for the next generation by incorporating the memory and inheritance of the remains of the land as part of the design element.

Strickland Inc

The “story” of Thermal Spring Spa itself led to the birth of sacred sanctuary, and thus Strickland Inc believe this story is the key aspect of the project. This tailor-made story is planned thoroughly considering the flow of the entire hotel, and the objective was to make it as dramatic as possible for the guests. The story telling experience involves stimulating humans’ basic senses (touch, hearing, sight and smell) to revive the “memory of land” and to represent the geological and spiritual nature of Kyoto.

Strickland Inc

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